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Random Access/Sales Curve, C64 £9.95 cassette, £14.95 disk; Amiga £19.95
Silkworm You know how it is. A few bevvies in the bar whilst you're watching the news and a report comes on…


So you stagger out of the pub and sign up – after all, you've got that Army Surplus helicopter that you tarted up. It's only two weeks later (when you get the call-up papers) that you realise what you have done. 'Don't worry,' says your mate, 'I'll bring me jeep'.
This hardly fills you with confidence, until you see that his jeep isn't just a little Suzuki 4x4, but an armoured vehicle with cannons and a missle launcher.
'Fair enough', you think – and off you go…

First of all, the action takes place in the mountains, where small helicopters and ground based missile launchers attempt to blow you out of the sky. No problem – you and your mate just blow them away, picking up the energy emitted by the exploded mines to use as shielding, or shooting it to cause a smart-bomb effect. However, when some bits of helicopter drigt in and form a large ABC Warriors type gunship, the tension mounts. A few well-placed blasts soon destroy it and a pod appears. You pick it up and find an extra barrel auto-mounted on your front-cannon.

Just as you hear the end of the canyon and think that safety is close at hand, the enemy rain on your parade by flying in a gigantic gunship that has to be blasted a good number of times before it explodes.

Next it's to the plains and other terrains. Oh, and if you thought that the big helicopter was bad, wait until you see the huge tanks and missile launchers, all of which have to be encountered before entering the metallic enemy complex!
Whimpers from terrified pilot.

Zzap!, Issue 49, May 1989, pp.70-71

Gordo I first saw the demo versions of Silkworm just after Christmas and was impressed by how much of the arcade feel the programmers had managed to cram into the 64 and Amiga. Now the finished game is here, I can say they've done the best conversion job possible. The graphics, especially on the Amiga, are really atmospheric and the sound effects (on both versions) are pretty hot as well – on the 64 you also get a great Ben Daglish soundtrack! What impresses me even more is that they've bothered to program in an extra alien especially for the Amiga – which means you get the equivalent of the arcade game and even more. This is one shoot 'em up you can't afford to miss.

Kati Silkworm isn't exactly the world's greatest coin-op ever but it is an absolutely brilliant conversion! The 64 backdrops are really pretty (the sprites aren't so exciting, though) and the Amiga graphics are practically as good as the original. But what really makes this so much fun is the all-action, fast and furious gameplay – especially as it's just as exciting to play on your own as with a friend. In fact, even if you're on your own, you get double the fun because once you've finished playing with chopper, you can start all over again with the jeep! Unless you're into misery and deprivation, check this out.

Maff Silkworm is one of those arcade games where you see it and think, 'oh, it's just a shooting helicopter game', but you soon get gripped by the frenzied blasting action and atmospheric graphics. I actually had no idea that the game was to be converted until I saw the demo version, so it came as a very nice surprise. The programmers have done a remarkable job on the home versions graphics, coaxing the utmost out of both machines to portray the action to the best effect. In fact, I'd say that some of the graphic effects on the Amiga are better than the coin-op! I haven't quite managed to finish the game properly, but I'm determined… so if you'll excuse me, I'm off for another trash.

< Used for air-attack on enemy emplacements
< Fires air to air/ air to ground missiles
< Capable of double front-missile mode and extra maneuverability from collected pods
< Can be shielded by mine emissions
< Best control - joystick

< Used for ground attack on enemy installations
< Fires ground to air missiles via movable turret and has a front-mounted cannon
< Capable of twin ground to air missiles in 'spread' formation
< Has the ability to jump which can be increased with pick-up pods
< Can be shielded by mine emissions but can't collide with mines
< Best control - keyboard

Single player and team mode, double score tables and an excellently programmed Amiga multiload. The 64 one's pretty fast as well!
74% GRAPHICS 92%
Excellently animated backdrops and sprites on the Amiga. 64 backdrops (with parallax) look good but the sprites themselves aren't overly impressive.
83% SOUND 80%
Good effects on the Amiga, but the tunes could be more 'vicious' sounding. The 64 version has the added advantage of a Ben Daglish soundtrack
Gripping blasting fun from the outset.
Both versions are a little tough, and with over ten levels and two ways of playing, you'll be playing for ages.
91% OVERALL 92%
A fast, frenetic and well presented shoot-'em-up well worth a few shekels.
Conversion Factor: 91%

Front: I hate worms! Back: Slimey gits!