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Digital Magic

Scorpion Now then, I quite like this, but there are a few people about who do not speak of it as highly. Maybe it is only because I have played this quite a bit. I guess it is one of those games that grows on you.

You are some sort of space-suited star warrior or other who has to rid the universe of the same old evil that has a habit of cropping up in all the games these days. To rid the cosmos of this abhorration, you have to travel through five time zones, each with their own climate. Level one has you battling along a few pirate ships and then into a harbour set, seemingly, at around the end of the Seventeenth century.

The game is viewed as a left to right scroller, and scroll very nicely it does too. Sadly, there are bugs. The collision detection is awful, and the platform detection is appalling. At times you can find yourself standing on nothing at all, and at others you fall through seemingly solid areas of buildings and boats.

It is not brilliant, but once you learn to cope with the collision detection, it can be fun.

CU Amiga, March 1989, p.53