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R Rolling Ronny olling Ronny is an errand-boy – his task is to deliver parcels and the like all over the town, wherever his customers want. Ronny is a funny character, kitted out with a pair of roller skates, a bright red bushy wig (for visibility) and a huge red hooter of a nose (for attention), he is definitely not inconspicuous. In this game, his job description has been changed from simple deliveries to a top secret police matter.

For his latest adventure, Ronny has been commissioned by Scotland Yard to do some undercover work. A vicious gang of thieves made off with the ultra-valuable Fieldington Crown Jewels, but luckily for Fieldington’s regency, the bandits were rumbled before they could leave the country. In an attempt to get rid of the evidence, the rascals hid them in small brightly coloured jewel cases and concealed them (not very well) all over Fieldington. The Yard decided that an undercover agent would be best suited to recover the Crown Jewels and who better than Ronny? Nobody would suspect anything of an errand boy, scooting around town on his skates, collecting things.

Cheese and Sneeze
You take the roll of Ronny (ho ho). To help him on his travels and protect him from nasties, he has a supply of Fieldington’s best salami which when thrown at any meanies is enough to persuade them to think again about bothering him. However, sometimes salami is just not enough to protect Ronny from harm, so on your travels you can collect extra weapons, such as a PowerSneeze that will totally annihilate anything that moves on the screen. These weapons are stored in your pockets of which you only have four, meaning that you have to be careful about what you pick up and when: later on you might require some kind of an implement to attract those jewels that are just out of reach…

It’s a fair cop, Guv
Rolling Ronny Being an errand-boy, people just cannot help asking you to do things for them, unaware of your more vital mission. On your travels you will meet various bods with parcels or letters that they will ask you to deliver for a cash bonus. Unfortunately for you, you have to take their business so that you can earn a bit of money. This is absolutely essential to progress through the game, as at the end of every level poor Ronny’s legs are so tired that he has to catch the bus to transport him to the next stage. As Scotland Yard are only going to give him his cash reward at the end of his journey – 9 levels later, keeping a track of finances is of utmost importance. It is no use spending all your money in the shop to complete one level if you cannot get on the bus to get to the next one.

The game is very easy to get into. The instant appeal is very high with a jolly soundtrack going on in the background, and beautifully coloured smooth scrolling graphics. It is addictive to play, and the way that the jewels are strewn around the level is such that they are not all instantly accessible, but with a little thought, all the jewels are obtainable.

The difficulty level gets progressively harder as you move along through the game, but on the whole it is well balanced so that it does not take too long to work out how to get all the bits you need to collect. It is not too hard to play and the game rolls fast enough to stay interested. A good jolly game with instant appeal, that will keep you addicted for a while.
Asam Ahmad

Amiga Format, Issue 28, November 1991, p.71

Rolling Ronny
Virgin * £24.99
  • Excellent graphics, with loads of colour and smooth scrolling.
  • Very jolly background soundtrack but few FX.
  • Good gameplay, even if not an original format.
  • No variation from level to level makes it a bit monotonous.
  • Fun, but not compelling enough to grip very long term.
Verdict: 76%