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Der Mann mit dem Hut ist wieder da - nur dass er das edle Stück diesmal gegen einen chicen Flash Gordon-Anzug eingetauscht hat. Und auch sonst ist alles schöner und besser, allerdings auch schwerer geworden.

Rick Dangerous 2 Kaum ist Rick von seiner Indianer-Tournee zurückgekehrt, gibt es schon wieder Arbeit für ihm: Außerirdische sind mit einer riesigen Raumschiffflotte in sein geliebtes London eingefallen. Als er im Hyde Park auf eines ihrer UFOs stößt, "durchsucht" er es auf die übliche Weise (mit Knarre und Bomben), schließt das Ding mal eben kurz und fliegt damit zum Heimatplaneten der Aliens. Dort kämpft er sich durch das eisgekühlte Königreich Freezia, die Wälder von Vegetablia und die Schlamm-Minen unter der Barfalatropolis-Zitadelle, bis er im großen Showdown den ganzen Planeten zerstören darf.

Außer den bekannten, teilweise "modernisierten" Gefahren (Steinkugeln, Laser) gibt es jetzt zusätzlich schlüpfrige Untergründe, die geheimnisvolle Welt der Schwerkraft und viele nette Fallen. Neu ist ebenfalls, daß man vier der fünf (riesigen) Level direkt anwählen kann, daß horizontal und vertikal gescrollt wird, und daß nunmehr die einzelnen Level durch Zeichentricksequenzen miteinander verbunden sind. Verbessert haben sich natürlich auch Grafik und Sound, nur die Steuerung ist so (gut) geblieben wie sie war. Nach wie vor gilt übrigens auch, daß man den Weg ans Ziel am besten mit der "Versuch und Irrtum"-Methode herausfindet - aber genau das will ein richtiger Rick Dangerous-Fan ja schließlich. (mm)

Amiga Joker, December 1990, p.?

Der Amiga Joker meint:
Noch schöner, noch besser - Rick Dangerous 2 wird seine Fans nicht enttäuschen!

Amiga Joker
Rick Dangerous 2
Grafik: 72%
Sound: 65%
Handhabung: 81%
Spielidee: 71%
Dauerspass: 74%
Preis/Leistung: 70%

Red. Urteil: 73%
Für Experten
Preis: ca. 74,- DM
Hersteller: Microstyle/Microprose
Bezug: Funtastic

Spezialität: Gute deutsche Anleitung. Vom ersten Teil gibt es jetzt übrigens eine verbesserte Version.

Rick Dangerous 2 logo

MicroStyle, C64 £9.99 cassette, £14.99 disk; Amiga £24.99

Rick Dangerous 2 T he prat with the hat is back! Err, except this time he's lost his hat (hmph!), but then what do you expect from world famous explorer, sticky label collector and hopeless imbecile, Richard Dangerous?

To be fair, he's been having a pretty harrowing time of it lately. Immediately after returning from his Indiana Jones-Style treasure hunt in the original Rick game, he found his native London invaded by aliens, the very same short, green and gruesome creatures he encountered at the end of his first computer adventure. Slipping into his flashy superhero costume, complete with flowing cape, he dashed to Hyde Park (tripping over his cape only two or three times in the process) where the aliens had landed their vast spaceship. Gritting his teeth and setting his jaw, he strode purposefully into the portable fortress, determined to right the wrongs the aliens had begun.

Even with his over-inflated ego near bursting point, Rick knew that single-handedly saving civilization wouldn't be quite as easy as falling off a particularly slippery log. So he came prepared with a limited charge laser gun and a number of short-fuse bombs.

The UFO and the four levels which follow it are in the form of a scrolling maze, packed full of defence systems and booby traps. Initially, these are lasers and electrical sparks, some of which can be deactivated by a kick to the appropriate nearby switch. Switches can also move elevator platforms, giving access to new parts of the maze, but beware – some trigger booby traps.

Various creatures patrol the mazes and can be zapped with Rick's gun or blown up with a bomb – either planted or slid along the ground. Bombs can also clear away crates blocking Rick's path, sometimes opening rooms containing bullet, bomb, and life supply pods.

Zzap, Issue 67, November 1990, p.82

Wozza We are the Dangerous Brothers! I am Warren Dangerous and this is the beautiful Sir Richard Dangerous! It is a shame this isn't as funny as the violent Channel 4 Friday Night Live duo, or even the original Rick game, which I'm very fond of. Different graphics and slideable bombs aren't enough to kid me this is anything more than Rick Dangerous +. The cutesy sprites, waving their arms madly as they fly out of the screen when killed, are fun if you haven't embarked on a Rick adventure before, otherwise, yaawwwn. Trapdodgin', monster-zappin' maze exploration is initially fun but ultimately repetitive – especially if you've played Mr Dangerous's first game.

Phil King Rick's not quite so funny second time around – I blame it on the lack of a hat, myself – and the sequel doesn't really make any advances over its predecessor. Ironically, it looks like MicroStyle have 'played it safe' with more of the same, admittedly very playable trapdodging action which gets a tad monotonous once the novelty of the humour's worn off. Till, the cartoon graphics are pretty good – especially on the 64 – with some neat animation of the dashing hero and five very different-looking levels. If you loved the original then Rick II will undoubtedly keep you happy for a fair while.


Mildly amusing text and graphics introduce each level, which can be played in any order, bar level five.
Small but detailed and well animated characters stroll through bright, smooth scrolling levels.
Lively music and jungles and an array of excellent effects.
Traps are nasty from the start, causing many unexpected deaths, but sneaking past them and progressing that little bit further is satisfying.
Free access to the first levels but, when all's said and done, if you dodged a few traps and killed some aliens, you've pretty much done it all.

Second time around, Rick's antics can still while away an hour or few but aren't as original or amusing anymore.


As for the C64 except with black-and-white mode, for that authentic Flash Gordon serial feel.
Cartoon-like definition and animation, albeit in an ST-ish kind of way.
Pleasingly melodramatic music, quality vocal and mechanical samples.
Blasting robots and figuring out how to elude traps instantly appeals.
Different levels are merely different arrangements of adversaries, platforms, ladders, switches and traps.

Rick's a fun chap to meet but can soon become boring.