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Rick Dangerous 1 Tony Dillon gave the C64 version of Rick Dangerous a well-deserved 84% a couple of months ago, and the Amiga version is, fortunately, every bit as good as the earlier incarnation. The gameplay is practically the same in this flip screen arcade adventure, but obviously the sound and graphics have been enhanced.

There is an atmospheric little tune at the start of the game, and brilliant spot noises, including a fantastic gunshot and scream sound every time you shoot someone. The graphics build on the strength of the 64 version, with highly detailed and attractively coloured screens throughout.

My only complaint is that it might have been possible to introduce decent scrolling on the Amiga, as opposed to the pseudo-flip screen effect on the 64, but this aside, it is in every way a worthy successor to the 64 version.

CU Amiga, August 1989, p.63