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Quattro Power Machines

Quattro Power Machines: Pro Powerboat Simulator Vier Spiele für insgesamt bloß 29,- DM, da kann es sich doch nur um Budget-Soft handeln, oder? Natürlich, und was die Codemasters hier zusammengetragen haben, ist für sich genommen auch alles andere als berauschend: Grand Prix, Powerboat, Violator und Nitro Boost Challenge sind allesamt kleine Rennspielchen – mal aus der Vogelpespektive, mal in 3D, mal zu Wasser und mal zu Lande.

Weder in punkto Präsentation noch in Sachen Gameplay darf man sich von diesem Quartett allzuviel erwarten, doch das darf man bei neuerer Budget-Soft ja auch nicht. Und wegen des ausgesprochen moderaten Preises könnten zumindest Leute mit Schwindsucht im Geldbeutel für das Angebot dankbar sein, zumal die fehlende deutsche Anleitung hier nicht weiter stört. (ml)

Amiga Joker, April 1993, p.100

Quattro Power
Anz. Der Spiele
29,- DM

Quattro Power Machines


Quattro Power Machines: Violator On the surface, four games for £10 sounds like a good buy, doesn't it?! Well, don't be conned, as there isn't a good game in this Codemasters compilation. The closest that comes to games playing respectability is Violator, yet another in a long line of Apache gunship sims which owe more than a doff of the hat to classic blasts such as SWIV and Sidewinder. Yes, you guessed it, it's a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up but without the panache of the above mentioned titles. The idea is to blast your way up the screen, taking out all the hostile planes, 'copters, tanks and gun emplacements which clutter up the screen whilst taking care not to soak up too much in-coming enemy fire. Starting with five lives, there are numerous bonus weapons scattered around each level, including Sidewinder and Cruise missiles, as well as smart bombs which are released after a spot of frantic joystick waggling.

Quattro Power Machines: Nitro Boost But it's a derivative blast all the same and merely reminded me of one of those interminable SEUCK games that clog up the PD scene.

Super Grand Prix looks a little like a Super Sprint or Super Cars clone at first glance, until you come to play it. With all the responsiveness of a lump of granite, you can choose to drive a Formula One car, a 500cc motor bike, a super charged dragster or one of a number of different vehicles which take part in an Open Championship. These range from a JVC digger (!) and Chieftain tank through to a Big Foot truck and cop car. The action takes place over a number of different single screen tracks, but there's very little variety, and although there's an option for up to four players to take part, I doubt whether you'd want to show this off to your mates.

Quattro Power Machines: Super Grand Prix The third and fourth games in the set are fairly similar. Pro Powerboat Simulator puts you in control of a speed boat as you race up a vertically scrolling screen avoiding enemy boats and obstacles whilst laying mines to take out some of your competitors. Nitro Boost involves a similar challenge, only this time you get a choice of taking control of a sports car or a power boat. Nitrous Oxide canisters are scattered around the course which help Turbo charge your vehicle and other cars do their best to ram you off the road. Both are fairly dire affairs and better examples of this type of game exist in the Public Domain. Don't waste your money!

CU Amiga, June 1993, p.83