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Codemasters/ST & Amiga/4.99
Pro Speedboat Simulator Amiga Review David: Hurrah! It's the newie from the Codies, the chaps who've 'built (their) reputation on producing the best possible software at the lowest possible price'. Must be pretty good then? Well, here we are with their latest budget game that David Darling informs us once again is, erm... 'Mega!!!'.

Unfortunately, Pro Powerboat Sim is a weak, vertically scrolling, shoot(!)/avoid 'em up. You race alone, or with a friend, up a river strewn with obstacles. The river is populated by other powerboats and little rowing 'fours'. These seem intent upon nudging you into the bank (where you'll explode). You do however have at your disposal several mines, It may appeal to younger readers, but not my cup o' char, guv'nor.

Zero, November 1990, p.86