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I t's been said a thousand times, but football management games have really come as far as they can. There are only so many things a manager can do before it all starts getting silly, and I for one thought that Gremlin's Premier Manager had just about everything. When I heard that they were doing a sequel, I honestly couldn't see how they could have built upon what was already there.

Seeing the finished result, I have to say that it's more than a little overwhelming. Premier Manager covered every conceivable angle, from basic team management, right down to ground improvements, booking ads to go on the hoardings and full accounts control. Premier Manager 2 has all of this, with a little bit more, and everything in so much detail it'll take you a week just to find your way around the game, let alone playing it properly.

Over eighty options let you guide your team through six different leagues, battling through six different cups against every team in Europe, while you try to keep the ground in a fit condition and keep the board of governors confident in your ability. Plus there's the bank to deal with, the scouts and coaches to work with and, of course, the matches themselves to play. I have to say, though, that it does play slightly differently to most managerial games as the focus does seem to be more on the running of the club than the actual games the team plays, leaving you with a lot more to do off the pitch than on. No bad thing, but moving a little too off centre for my liking.

It's a good game, excellently presented and well thought out, but I can still only give it an average mark, as it doesn't really do it any better than any of the other four million managerial titles that are out there.


CU Amiga, October 1993, p.95