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Premier manager 3: Multi edit system logo
Price: £14.99   Publisher: Gremlin Interactive   0114 275 3423

Premier manager 3: Multi edit system P remier Multi Edit System is an editing package for use with Premier Manager 3. It allows the user to customise the eight major aspects of Premier Manager 3.

Each section is selected by clicking on one of the icons. The first icon allows the manager’s statistics to be altered, from trivial things like length of contract and which team he manages. Next up is the ability to edit player data. This is an area where self control needs to be exercised because it is possible to change every player’s rating to 99%, which quickly makes for dull gameplay. I recommend trying it with at least one player though! The third icon is more of an extension of the second and allows players to be moved from team to team without the need for transfer negotiations. You want Soichkov at Wycombe? You got it!

Option four allows club data to be altered, everything from keeping up with ever changing football strips, to lowering the safety rating of teams you do not like or increasing the cash reserves of struggling clubs like Gillingham, so they can afford the likes of Klinsmann and hit the big time. Or perhaps not. The next two options allow you to completely rebuild league tables and change the countries and stadiums at which cup final matches take place. So you could construct a league entirely from superteams or have the European Cup Final take place at a non league stadium!

Perhaps the best and the most amusing option is the one that allows you to change the terms used for player ratings, so instead of being ‘good’ they could be termed ‘groovy’. You can change the names of injuries and how long they will keep a player out of action. In my version an upset stomach now affects a player for 23 weeks!

It is hard to rate the Premier Multi Edit System as it is not a game in its own right. Assuming you can stop yourself from mucking about too much then you will find it a very useful product, especially if you want to keep your favourite team as up to date as possible.
Rik Skews

CU Amiga, May 1995, p.56