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Premier manager 3 deluxe logo
Price: £TBA   Publisher: Gremlin   081 988 8888

Premier manager 3 deluxe G remlin’s Premier Manager series has been on the go for donkeys years and is one of the most popular footy games ever. We have not seen anything from this Sheffield based software house for nearly a year now so a parcel thus post marked and obviously filled with a box created a bit of a stir. The last item they sent us was Premier Manager 3 Multi Edit, a support program for the PM3 series. Just what could this be?

Not to be outdone by SWOS, Player Manager and Ultimate Soccer Manager, Premier Manager 3 has the latest teams and league structures bolted on to bring it bang up to date with the 1995/1996 season. The basic game remains the same though and they have been good enough to supply the original manual. In fact, the packaging is pretty comprehensive: it is nice to see that Gremlin are not trying to do what is definitely, possibly, maybe their last Amiga game on the cheap... though the fact that they claim to have sold over half a million of the various versions of this one program so far may have something to do with this too.

The Multi Edit software released last year is included in this version too. This means you are getting two programs. The Multi Edit is not a data or update disk, it is designed to operate separately, creating save games for the full program. This it does well, allowing you to create your own scenarios and even edit the on-screen text and messages.

Premier Manager 3 stands the test of time. As a comprehensive football management sim it is still one of our office favourites, alongside On the Ball and Ultimate. When originally launched we felt that it was a little too like PM2 for comfort, and if anyone took our advice at that stage then now might be the time to upgrade as the Multi Editor does make this package more interesting The only problem marking this game is the fact that Gremlin have supplied it to us with no fixed price. If someone sells it under £20 and you are in the mood for an upgrade, it is good value. At £25 or more you might do well to wait and see if Domark’s Championship Manager 2, the only genuinely new sim on the way, has the necessary oomph to tackle you by the short and curlies.

CU Amiga, April 1996, p.51