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Grandslam, 19.95 disk
Pacmania Allow yourself, for a moment, to think back to a time when video games were still a fairly new concept. What are the games that you always remember from years ago? Space Invaders? Scramble? Defender? Always firm favourites. But there is another one, isn't there? Yes, that's it - PacMan! One of the most successful games ever and certainly the most successful maze game ever.
If you thought that you'd seen the last of this little hero then you'd be sadly mistaken. PacMan has spawned a whole series of spin-off games, such as Miss PacMan, Baby PacMan, PacMan Pinball and more recently, PacLand.

Now we have another spin-off but with a slight difference. Instead of progressing into new scenarios as in Pacland - Pacmania reverts to the more traditional 'run around the maze eating dots' format. The difference is that the new game takes place in a 3D forced-perspective environment, taking Pac into four different worlds: Block Town, Pacman's Park, Sandbox Land and Jungly Steps each depicted in their own relevant, fab 'n' triff graphic style. PacMan has the usual ghostly enemies pursuing him around the mazes and one touch means the loss of one of his lives. Uuurgh!

However, as well as the normal power pills which enable PacMan to chase and eat ghosts for a limited time, he can now foil the evil spectres by swiftly leaping over their heads leaving them to wander off in the wrong direction. But beware! On later levels some of the ghosts can jump, Too!
Other additions include 'Snack' bonuses (like the fruit in the original game) and extra performance pills (see box).

If you play well enough, the bonus lives are awarded on reaching every 100,000 points, and completing all the worlds means that you have to play through them again but with much more nasty ghosts to contend with.

Zzap! Issue 45, January 1989, p.p.94-95

Maff Evans I sn't it amazing what a quick graphical brush can do for a game? I mean, who'd have thought that PacMan could make such a wonderful re-emergence in 1988? Mind you, I did think that the original was great at the time and played it for hours on end, so the arcade release of Pacmania came as a welcome surprise. Now all I had to hope for was a decent conversion... Well now it has arrived. The Amiga incarnation of Pacmania is brilliant! The graphics are magnificent, with ultra-smooth full-screen scrolling, with loads of colour (I'm told that there are 32 shades of yellow on the PacMan alone!). If you liked the arcade game then you'll like this. Well, if you've got any sense at all, you'll buy this as soon as possible! It's the best arcade conversion I've seen so far.

Gordon Houghton A ren't Amigas fab 'n' triff? I mean you can get really nice graphics, really nice sound and games virtually identical to their arcade counterparts. Pacmania is a case in point. It's almost exactly like the arcade version! The visual effects are completely brill, looking more like plastic toys than video graphics and what's more the whole screen is used for scrolling a method unfortunately not used on most games, The sound is equally impressive, using a whole range of familiar arcade-like sounds to capture just the right coin-op atmosphere. My only qualm is that there are only four levels, and dedicated gamers may soon bore of the action I may be dedicated, but I love cute games, and they don't come much cuter than this! If you can live with the lack of levels and you want a top class conversion to boot, buy Pacmania.

Dot A Dot - eat them all to clear a stage
Power Pill Power Pill - eat this to catch the ghosts
Snack Bonus Snack Bonus - gives extra points
Speed Pill Speed Pill (green) - gives a limited burst of speed
Super Power Pill Super Power Pill (red) - acts as a Power Pill but gives more points when ghosts are caught

Kati Hamza I s this an arcade machine I see before aargh, what's happened, I can't tell the difference between computers and coin-ops any more! Well, actually, I can you stand up to play the Pacmania coin-op but you can sit down to play the Amiga version. See. We reviewers aren't total idiots, you know. Anyway, I haven't seen a conversion as ace as this ooh, ever since Bubble Bobble. The graphics and sound are brilliant for only 20 quid you can have full-screen scrolling, loads of colour and some of the best and most faithful arcade quality sounds around and on top of this you've got superb gameplay! Even more rabid with the desire to play than I was, Paul, Maff and Gordo threatened to throw me out of the window unless I let them have a go. Let them throw me out, then I'm going back to the Amiga!

Select levels and a high score table. In other words standard arcade presentation.
Fast, smooth and very colourful. Oh, and amazingly cute!.
Blippy-blop tunes and effects brilliantly capturing the spirit of the arcade original.
Instantly playable and dead addictive.
Only four worlds, but it should keep you playing for ages and ages.

An extremely accurate and incredibly playable conversion. Buy it!