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Out to Lunch F or some reason, software houses always bring large foam costumes of game characters to the ECTS. Every year we are faced with Robocod, Zool and a whole host of others. At this year's Spring ECTS there was a new guy in town - a seven foot chef with a large jaw and a fixed grin. This particular maniac, with a penchant for bowing and opening doors for people was introduced as Pierre Le Chef - Mindscape's new personality.

In Pierre's world, food does not like to be cooked, and who can really blame it. Rather than sit in the pantry or refrigerator like your normal fruit and vegetables, these ones are wild, and have to be caught before they can be cooked. Enter Pierre Le Chef - a cross between Egon Ronay and John Rambo.

In his seemingly endless quest, Pierre has to travel through six countries of the world, collecting food for his local recipes while avoiding the bacteria and plagues that chase him around each level. At the start of each level you are told how many items of food you need to collect with your large net, and then away you go, bouncing around the huge scrolling landscape, leaping from platform to platform, swiping potatoes and tomatoes, and avoiding the clutches of the evil Chef Noir. Once you have all your vegetables, drop them in the cage to trap them, and then leap through the exit to the next level.

Out To Lunch is a simple game, yet it is addictive enough to keep you playing. The variety of landscapes gives you enough challenge on each level to warrant continuing on, and the plethora of enemies, from leaping potatoes to the terrible Black Chef are enough to keep you on your toes. This is a very cute game and your heart really goes out for the mushrooms who hop away from Pierre soon as they see him. Out To Lunch is very console-like, which isn't surprising as that is where it came from in the first place. A competent, if unexceptional game with plenty of fun and frolics.
Tony Dillon


CU Amiga, July 1994, p.80

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I am going out on a limb here but I reckon there is a fair chance that Pierre Le Chef (who happens to be Out To Lunch, Mindscape, 0444 246333, £25.99) is meant to be French. Sigh, you cannot beat a bit of cultural stereotyping to set the scene for a game. Jumping across platforms and collecting things over 48 levels is the order of the day (on the menu, blah, blah, poor cookery jokes, etc) and more than competent fare it is too. Pierre chases ingredients across six countries while avoiding the attention of arch-rival Le Chef Noir (the Cook in Black, or the Cook Of The Night, or something like that).

Graphically, it is a full fried breakfast; the parallax scrolling is a fondant fancy (stop making a meal of this review – Ed) yet in parts, Out To Lunch is tougher than undercooked sprouts – lose a couple of lives here and there and you find yourself back at the start. But overall, it is pretty, and it is fun. And that is what counts.
Steve Bradley


Amiga Format, Issue 63, September 1994, p.71

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I Out to Lunch t is a hard life being a world class chef. ‘French’ hero Pierre Le Chef probably has the hardest time of all, coming from a land where more often than not the vegetables have fled their patches and run amok, leaving poor Pierre with nothing more than his bare hands and an empty kitchen with which to prepare his world famous Garlic Surprise (the surprise is, it is only garlic!). So what does he do? He heads out into the wild with a net and a bag of flour, and sets about collecting some of these wild fruit and veggie edibles.

In this port from the Super Nintendo, Mindscape have created an extremely simple and addictive platform game, in the same way that Bombjack was simple and addictive. You are the small chef with the net who has to swipe all the food running up and down between the levels. Of course the food does not actually want to be caught and cooked, and will make a run for the moment they see Pierre, so he needs to use anything else he can get his hands on to stun them from a distance, such as a bottle of Tabasco sauce with which he can breathe fire, or bags of flour which he can throw over them. Once he has enough veg in his net, he can drop them in the large cage at the bottom of the screen, ready to be cooked.

Out To Lunch is an incredibly basic platform game, with very little in the way of new or innovative features, but that is probably why the game works so well. There are a few enhancements from the A1200 version, with the exception of multiple fire button compatibility, but then the A1200 version, was strong enough in its own right. A highly playable, if somewhat unspectacular game, you will definitely have some fun with though. .
Tony Dillon


CU Amiga, October 1994, p.47