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Titus, 24.99 disk
Offshore Warrior The year is 2050. Laws have been revamped, reintroduced and then abandoned. Safety laws governing race sports have changed drastically, resulting in fiercer, more deadly competitions taking place for the crowds' enjoyment.

Surviving Offshore speed-racers become cult heroes and role models for adventurous young people across the world. As a result, more people take up the sport, hoping to compete in the ultimate across-the-world Offshore Warrior trials.

Events are similar to normal power boat trials, except there is the added danger of boats armed with rocket launchers a subtle attempt to increase their chances by thinning out the field.

Rockford: Glub! There are two basic rules for survival:
1. Don't finish last to continue.
2. Try to stay alive.

Zzap, Issue 46, February 1989, p.66

Kati Hamza I didn't think much of Road Blasters, I didn't think much of Fire And Forget and I've got an even lower opinion of Offshore Warrior, which is really just Fire And Forget with a bit of water thrown in. Maybe some people (like one in a hundred thousand, maybe) get a kick out of appalling 3D graphics, boring gameplay and no challenge whatsoever well, good luck to them because I certainly don't. If I'd spent 25 quid on this, I'd be dead disappointed what a waste!

Maff Evans What a con! Shuffling around a few routines from a previous game and changing the graphics is not exactly fair to the game playing public, is it? It seems that this is all that Titus have done messing about with Fire And Forget to produced Offshore Warrior. The 3D effect is very similar, with the sprites having a cardboard cut-out quality to them, and the gameplay is pretty much the same as well. Well that's not quite fair - Fire And Forget, which wasn't exactly brilliant, had a lot more to it! Offshore is rather easy to complete too, making the long term appeal quite limited. Another poor 3D game from Titus. When are we going to see something new?

Nice intro screens but slow loading and no options.
Nicely defined sprites still look a little 'flat'.
The soulful title tune is let down by sub-standard effects.
You're initially encouraged by how easy the game is to play...
but it's too easy to complete.
Another 3D weakling.