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Mafdet and the Book of the Dead This adventure takes place in ancient Egypt, but don't expect Christopher Lee's Mummy to be waiting around the corner. The malicious god, Seth, has stolen the Book of the Dead and vanished into the underworld. Without this book, no Egyptian can enter the afterlife when they die.

You take the role of Mafdet, the cat goddess entrusted to retrieve the precious volume. Collecting amulets along the way is extremely beneficial to your endeavors, as some provide extra life force, while others are needed to gain access to previously hidden areas. Journeying through the many drab dungeons and mazes is made a hazardous journey because of hostile bods wearing Egyptian headpieces. There are badly-animated swordfights aplenty, and a firm and sustained attack is the best way to make your foes disappear. Other nasties which impede your way are flying green-winged gorgons who spew forth flames and an annoying wasp which follows your movements and is very difficult to swat. I'm not too sure about the name Mafdet, but Polly Morpheus would be a more suitable name, as the long-limbed heroine has the power to turn into a cat in order to help pass some obstacles.

Sad to say, Mafdet provides little in the way of exciting gameplay. There's very little variation or challenge in the adventure. However, the lurid graphics are one of the best things about the game, as the garish green and yellow hues used certainly make the game stand out. A game for those who aren't particularly bothered about the trivialities of dull and bog-standard gameplay.

CU Amiga, August 1991, p.110