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Domark, Amiga 19.99

Live and let die H ave you ever noticed that James Bond only spends about five minutes in his fancy vehicles until he's captured? Well, in the game of Live and Let Die you play the part of 007 and you have to spend a bit more time in your speedboat than in the films!

The first thing to conquer is the target practice stage, which involves hitting a set number of targets whilst dodging rocks in the river. Next come the training missions, set in the Sahara (a river across the Sahara?) and the North Pole.

After that, you can move on to the big mission. This involves traversing the Everglades using your new skills. Can you reach the hideout of Dr. Kanaga and put a stop to his nasty drug dealing?
No, don't tell me. I don't really care.

Zzap, Issue 48, April 1989, p.18

Gordo This is really a lot like Buggy Boy, right down to the bouncing over logs and climbing up the banked walls. Not that that's a bad thing as Buggy Boy is a really good game, but this license seem to lack that certain something to make it special. The controls just aren't fluent enough to allow you to get stuck in and there isn't enough going on. I think I'll stick to dry land.

Maff There seems to be a lot of 3D drive and shoot games around at the moment, but instead of leaning towards the Roadblasters type, Live and Let Die is more like that game with the beach buggy (you know the one). It's quite playable for a while, with some nice 3D and use of colour, but it soon becomes apparent that there isn't much to keep you occupied for more than a few goes. Not the worst 3D game ever, but then again it's nowhere near the best.

A few missions and a score table, but an 'iffy' control system.
Good 3D and nice use of colour throughout, but the boats sometimes lack crispness.
Some nice spot effects and a passable title tune.
Good fun blasting things to bit at first.
Not that much depth for such a big game license.
A fair 3D blast'n'bump without the necessary flair to make it special.