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Infogrames, Amiga 24.99
Light Corridor Far from being on some abstract spiritual plane, the 'Ultimate Light' is situated at the end of a huge 3-D corridor. To reach it, you use a transparently bat to knock a metallic ball down the corridor, advancing your bat at will.

It sounds easy enough, but the corridor's fifty stages are filled with barriers - miss the ball and you lose it (you start with five). Some of the barriers move, including some which follow your bat's movements. Coloured 3-D shapes can be collected to make your bat magnetic, bigger or (if you get the wrong one) smaller.

At the start of each stage there's an access code to note down. After every four stages there's a special challenge, such as hitting a moving target several times.
An in-built editor allows you to create your own corridors and save them to disk.

Zzap, Issue 72, April 1991, p.68

Robin Hogg This looks pretty simple stuff, harking back to the days of Breakout with shades of Room 10 as well, but it's turned out to be one of the most addictive games I've played this month. The tunnels start off pretty empty but throw in a few barriers here and there and everything goes crazy; add moving columns and you're tearing your hair out. Although the more complex corridors really drove me up the wall I just couldn't resist going back time and time again. And for once there's a construction kit that doesn't ruin the game's lasting appeal.

Phil King Infogrames have come up with a new angle to bat and ball games. The extra dimension makes things a little trickier, especially when the ball's bouncing around at high speed. As it's hard to judge exactly where the ball's going, success depends more on a good strategy: carefully bouncing the ball around obstacles and not pushing too far forward at once. Frustration is greatly eased by the level code system and I found the game pleasantly playable.

Level access codes and excellent, easy-to-use corridor designer.
Virtually monochromatic, but fast and later on there's an impressive amount of slamming walls, electrical barriers etc.
Mellow title with good in-game FX including a Prince sample!
Highly addictive for arcade fanatics, a superb test of reflexes...
...and 50 levels, plus a designer, means there's plenty of challenge with some tricky end-level monsters.
Good light entertainment.