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Lamborghini I f you're looking around the screenshots on this side of the page and wondering why this game looks a little familiar, that's only because it has been seen before, under the name of Crazy Cars 3. Yes, Titus' gem of a racing game has been slightly touched up and renamed to boost what were originally seriously flagging sales, brought about by poor distribution and the closure of Palace Software the publishing house originally responsible for distributing Titus' product.

The license has been bought, the game badged and re-released, now it's probably time to refresh your memories. The game is based around a series of completely illegal high-speed races across the highways of the US (remember The Great American Road Race?) against a bunch of unsavoury types. Each race costs money to enter, but you make that money back by gambling before each race. Your three main competitors and yourself gather round a table and bet amounts on yourself to win. Come though, and the pot is yours.

As a racing game, it's quite good. Fairly responsive, although the car does skid around a little too much for my liking, the game borrows a lot of good elements from a number of other games. It has the varied scenery and weather of Lotus 2, along with the interfering police of Chase HQ and the car upgrades of, well, just about anything really. This time around a two player option has been included, which makes everything far more enjoyable, and the whole thing adds up to the most competent and enjoyable game that Titus have ever produced, and a game well worth having. It might not be as smooth as Lotus, as fast as F1 or as playable as Jaguar, but it's still a cool game.
Tony Dillon


CU Amiga, February 1994, p.77