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MILLENNIUM £24.99 * Joystick and Keyboard

H Kid Gloves ow often have you wished you were somewhere else when boring relatives come to visit? Well, take pity on Kid, because his great uncle Indiana Stallone was one of the most boring relatives anyone could have.
Every Sunday, Kid’s family were treated to ridiculously unbelievable anecdotes from the old man, about how he fought off savages in the Amazon jungle, tripped out in the West Coast (California that is, not Blackpool), visited the Ice Age and fought gladiators in Egypt. Uncle Indiana was old, but the Ice Age? And were there gladiators in Egypt? This was all too much for Kid, so one Sunday he scurried out of the room and took refuge in his uncle’s study.

Nosing through the junk he found an old dusty pair of boxing gloves and decided to try them on. Admiring himself in a Raging Bull pose in the mirror, he noticed the gloves sparkling. Thinking that this should not be happening, he tried to take them off, but as soon as they tocuehd there was a bright flash of light and Kid found himself standing in a jungle with a rather unfriendly looking native approaching. Maybe he should have stuck with the boring stories!

Each zone is split into ten screens each containing a variety of monsters to avoid, obstacles to negotiate and items to collect. Kid can collect keys to open doors barring his way, money to spend in the shops and food for bonus points. The monsters can be dispatched with a shot from Kid’s weapon. This is initially a catapult with two reusable magic coins, but extra weapons such as fire bombs, bouncing ‘deathstars’ and a powerful laser can be bought from the shops found on the way – if Kid has picked up enough money!

Occasionally, tricky situations can eb overcome by using a little magic from Kid’s limited supply of spells. Using magic causes a random spell to be cast ranging from Sesame, which opens doors, through Safety which causes dangerous obstacles to be rendered harmless, to Frozen, whch stops monsters In their tracks.

Once Kid has made his way through all the screens in the five zones, the gloves can transport him back to home and Uncle Indiana’s not-so-boring stories.
Maff Evans

Amiga Format, Issue 10, May 1990, p.69

The graphics of Kid Gloves have obviously been designed with cuteness and colour in mind, but instead of cute the sprites are just small and the use of colour is a little over the top at times. The backgrounds on the Egyptian and Californian levels are so gaudy it is extremely difficult to see where the walls and floors are supposed to be.
The sound is all right, with some jolly sampled effects, but the music sounds more like a C64 tune circa 1985 than a ‘90s Amiga. Generally the tone is of a half-hearted attempt, which in this day and age is not quite good enough.

Initially, Kid Gloves is great fun to play. Watching Kid in his oversized sportswear jump around making strange noises is most amusing. However, much in the same way as ‘classic’ (in other words, ‘old’) platform games worked, the game depends on the player learning patterns and timing for completing of the levels. This is fair enough when you first start playing, but once you have learnt the patterns it becomes incredibly easy to waltz straight through from screen 1 to screen 50 in no time at all.

There just is not enough variety involved from game to game, so once you are proficient at the levels every turn could play just like the last. Not even the most hardened platform fans are going to be happy with a game that loses its appeal too quickly, nor are they likely to return to a game that does not provide any challenge after they have seen the different screens.

Nowadays, a game set in a familiar mould must try to include that extra spark that pushes it ahead of all the others in the genre. Despite a humorous plot and an attempt to create a cute ‘small boy’ hero for players to identify with, Kid Gloves is just a basic ‘progress from screen to screen’ platform game like so many seen in the past. The sound and graphics are acceptable without being special, the gameplay overly simple and the addiction short lived. Even those new to computing and not old enough to remember the original Manic Miner can see the Amiga version to realise how much the format has aged, and sadly Kid Gloves just follows the tradition without providing much interest to leave its mark on the History Book of Software.


Fäustlinge mit böser Überraschung....

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Was passiert, wenn ein kleiner Junge in der Sporttasche seines Großonkels kramt, darin ein paar uralte Boxhandschuhe findet und sie natürlich anprobiert? Nun, in unserem Fall wird er ohnmächtig und wacht kurze Zeit später in der Steinzeit wieder auf...

Kid Gloves 1 Als der vorwitzige Knabe dort wilde Tiere und keulenschwingende Höhlenmenschen erblickt, hat er verständlicherweise nur noch den einen Wunsch: „Nix wie ab nach Hause!". Der Heimweg führt ihn von links nach rechts über den Screen; dabei begegnen dem kleinen Hüpfer überall fiese Monster, wilde Tiere und böse Menschen, die ihm die neun Bildschirmleben rauben wollen. Um seine Heldenhaut zu retten, hat er sogenannte Todesmünzen: Die tanzen nach ihrem Abschuß eine Weile auf dem Screen herum und erledigen zumindest die kleineren Gegner. Für die größeren Monster kauft er sich in einem der herumstehenden Geschäfte Laserpistolen, verbesserte Todesmünzen oder Zaubersprüche – die erforderliche Barschaft (Goldmünzen) findet man unterwegs.

Kid Gloves ist ein amüsantes Hüpf- und Laufspielchen. Sound und Grafik sind zwar nur durchschnittlich, dafür bietet das Game ordentlichen Spielspaß – dem Spieler wird nicht nur Geschick, sondern auch einiges an Strategie abverlangt. Positiv fiel außerdem die abwechslungsreiche Gestaltung der einzelnen Level auf: Alle zehn Bilder (insgesamt 50) wechselt die Zeitepoche. Wenn es also auch kein Hit unter den Jump-Games ist, besser gelungen als z.B. "Axel’s Magic Hammer" ist Kid Gloves nach meiner Meinung allemal. (C. Borgmeier)

Amiga Joker, May 1990, p.48

Amiga Joker
Kid Gloves
Grafik: 59%
Sound: 63%
Handhabung: 72%
Spielidee: 42%
Dauerspaß: 71%
Preis/Leistung: 61%

Red. Urteil: 62%
Für Anfänger
Preis: ca. 84,- DM
Hersteller: Millennium
Bezug: Joysoft

Spezialität: Zwischen den einzelnen Bildern wird nicht gescrollt, sondern einfach umgeschaltet.