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Immer wenn unter Wasser gerade mal wieder ein Geheimagent gebraucht wird, tritt er in Aktion - James Pond, die zarteste Versuchung, seit es Tiefseefische gibt!

James Pond Millenniums Actionspiel ist eine comichafte Satire auf den englischen Vorzeige-Spion James Bond. Top gestylt und im schnieken Anzug schwimmt der schuppige Held durch farbenfrohe Unterwasserlandschaften und erledigt mit professioneller Gründlichkeit seine (zwölf) Missionen. Im ersten Level muss Pond beispielsweise Hummer befreien, die irgendein Bösewicht in rostigen Käfigen gefangenhält. Der Held der Sieben Meere sammelt dazu goldene Schlüssel ein, schwimmt damit zu einem Käfig und schwupp - schon ist der Hummer frei und das Punktekonto voller.

Ein bißchen schwieriger, als es sich hier anhört, ist die Sache allerdings schon: Kollisionen mit anderen Meeresbewohnern kosten Lebensenergie, und wenn sich Pond zu lange über der Wasseroberfläche aufhält (z.B. auf einer der Plattform-Inseln), bekommt er eine Überdosis Sauerstoff und segnet das Zeitliche. Unter Wasser ist Pond bewaffnet: Er kann Luftblasen verschießen und sich damit aufdringliche Fische vom Leib halten. Wenn er die Bläschen selbst berührt, gibt es dafür (meistens) Punkteboni, zusätzliche Zeit oder Extrawaffen. Suchen, Sammeln und Knobeln - all das ist nicht neu, aber hier wird es mal äußerst witzig präsentiert. Dazu versüßen flüssige Animationen, hinreißend gemalte Sprites, butterweiches Scrolling und nicht zuletzt eine ausgezeichnete Spielbarkeit das Agentenleben. Gut getaucht, James! (C. Borgmeier)

Amiga Joker, January 1991, p.?

Der Amiga Joker meint:
James Pond ist der ungekrönte König der Tiefsee-Agenten!

Amiga Joker
James Pond
Grafik: 80%
Sound: 75%
Handhabung: 80%
Spielidee: 52%
Dauerspass: 78%
Preis/Leistung: 76%

Red. Urteil: 78%
Für Anfänger
Preis: ca. 79,- DM
Hersteller: Millennium
Bezug: International Software

Spezialität: Wahlweise Musik oder FX, Anleitung in deutsch, Highscores werden nicht gesaved. Haltet die Augen nach Bonusstages offen!

James Pond Logo

Millenium, Amiga £24.99
James Pond Pond raised an eyebrow. He had only just escaped from a dinner appointment with the evil Dr Maybe's pet pussy! But he knew the seas weren't yet safe from the wheelchair-bound Doctor.

Pond has twelve missions to attempt, most requiring him to rescue a number of trapped sea creatures or valuable artefacts. He must also battle against the scourge of pollution: 'A view To A Spill' involves blowing up an oil rig by placing dynamite at its base, while in 'Leak And Let Die' leaking oil tankers must be patched up with pieces of sponge!
In all levels, James faces great danger from fellow sea creatures who drain his 'fishometer' on contact. It's just as well Double Bubble Seven can blow bubbles to trap enemies, and then destroy them by bursting the bubble to reveal one of several bonus objects (watch out for exploding bombs and sticky glue, though!). Friendly starfish can also be collected to replenish Pond's fishometer and improve his speed and bubble power.

Cleverer still, Pond can go into secret caverns or even jump out of the water to collect things, though his fishometer is temporarily drained. James can also return down the level entrance pipe and visit his cottage where useful objects can be stored and retrieved - including a helmet allowing him to breathe above water, and a pair of shades enabling him to see normally invisible jellyfish.

Zzap! Issue 71 January 1991, p.91

Robin Hogg Great! Action, suspense and a macho hero even if he is a fishy character! Aside from the simply superb attention to detail in the graphics, the main jolly little tunes and the smile-inducing watery sound effects, James Pond is a challenge-and-a-half with 12 missions. The wonderful thing is that the missions are widely different in style and gameplay. Whether you're dynamiting oil platforms, saving fishes or liberating lobsters, it's all done with the emphasis on fun! Add to this a great variety in the graphics and you're playing one of the most entertaining games for a long while You certainly face a new, absorbing and highly humorous challenge with each new level. It reminds me of Scuba Dive but it's all so much better as there's decent, Amiga-quality graphics and fast paced action, all very professionally done. What's more it's all so rewarding as the programmer has thrown in loads of effects (the secret bonus screens have their own pieces of music, there's hidden lives, mega-bonuses, secret objects to collect and countless other effects to discover) and this really made the game for me. I love this one LOADS! Admittedly it's not totally original as you can't really get away from the Bondness of it all: the mood, the action, the tench-sion, the Jimmy Bond soundalike tunes, it's all here. I could carp on about this one for ages, water ace game! (Aaaarrrgghh! Ed)

Phil King James Pond's greatest asset is definitely its light hearted humour with Pond a true star: one of the most endearing heroes I've seen in ages. Then there are the fish mutated by radioactive waste, Union Jack- wearing lager louts to knock out with toxic waste canisters, and Pond even getting drunk when he collects a bottle of whisky – swaying uncontrollably with glazed eyes; well he is legless, after all! (Groan! - Ed) The basic concept of retrieving objects/creatures isn't all that innovative but each of the twelve missions holds its own special surprises along with plenty of new enemies to see - such as Bluebeard, the ghostly pirate on level four. Well-animated, characterful graphics and several catchy tunes add to the game's overall charm.

C64 update
A C64 version is currently under consideration.

MGM lion-style intro, pre-mission on-screen instructions, hig score table.
Cute and colourful with great attention to detail and plenty of variety throughout the levels.
A choice between some very good tunes or extended FX.
Highly enjoyable underwater action, although it's surprisingly tough.
12 varied missions provide a big challenge, though repeating early levels could be offputting - a password system would have been welcome.
Fabulous fishy fun.