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Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes Of Major Championship Golf As one of the best golf simulations available on the Amiga, Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes Of Major Championship Golf (Phew, what a moughtful and there's more to come) has spawned a whole series of course disks and complementary products since its release in 1989. These have included Major Championship disks for '89 and '90, an international course disk and an Unlimited Course Design package.

Major Championship Courses of 1991 adds three famous golf courses, completing the collection to date and is designed to run in conjunction with either The Greatest Eighteen Holes or Unlimited Course Design, both of which represent the basic Jack Nicklaus' package for use with add on course disks. This is the catch because if you're new to Jack's golf game and fancy a round on Royal Birkendale (the only English course), Heseltine National, Minnesota (U.S.A.) or Crooked Stick Golf Club, Indiana (U.S.A.), you'll have to shell out for one of the original games as well as this expansion disk.

Existing owners will immediately recognize the graphics as well as the nagging slowness of new screen scrolling and disk loading. I was hoping, even within existing limitations that the graphics would be brightened up or scrolling modified but no luck here unfortunately. That said there's nothing seriously wrong with the way the game looks and I don't think newcomers will be at all disappointed.

The control system hasn't changed. There is a horizontal shot aiming indicator above the main screen, a power bar on the left hand side and a club type and number indicator on the right hand side. There's also a wind direction clock above yet another, smaller bar indicator for wind speed. Combine shot controls and indicators for that dream shot and hopefully score a hole in one!

The copy protection scheme involves being presented with a top view of one of the fifty-four holes on the disk, then finding it on the supplied I.D. booklet and entering its number. This is all rather annoying as the booklet is printed in blue ink on a dark brown background to make it photocopy proof unfortunately it is almost unreadable.

Jack Nicklaus' Golf is still a very good game and for anyone who follows the professional golf circuit on TV, Championship Courses 1991 will add three instantly recognizable courses to their Amiga circuits. However, there's nothing new apart from that so if you've already had enough of the 'Bear' you should really look elsewhere.
Alan Dykes

CU Amiga, August 1991, p.109

Nice new courses, nothing else added though.