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I Ludicrus The idea is sound enough. The graphics are really nice and the animation is smooth, so what is the problem? The problem is, dears, that there is no playability.

You are a gladiator, and the most well built one at that. To earn your freedom, you have to go five rounds with three different opponents. If he manages to fell his adversary five times, he moves onto the next opponent. If they manage to fell him five times, he has to take on a lion. If he defeats the lion five times, he gets another crack at his previous assailant. Should the lion get him, it is game over.

As with lots of beat-‘em-ups, you have a choice of sixteen moves. The only difference between this and say, Exploding Fist, is that in this all the moves take an age to do and you are always hit first. That plus the fact that the collision detection is not quite spot on, which means you have to hit slightly behind your enemy before a hit is registered. Bye bye gameplay.

The smooth animation and odd snatches of humour cannot make up for what is essentially a dull and unplayable experience.

CU Amiga, May 1989, p.69