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Harry’s balloons Designed as a sporting challenge, Hary’s Balloons is certainly very different.
The player is put in charge of a manky brown hedgehog character called Hary, whose principal purpose in life lies in helping balloons defy gravity and change colour.

The action takes place on one static screen and extracts much tactile jiggery pokery from the player as well as demanding a modicum of brainpower at the same time.
Hinging on the ability to keep balloons in the air while changing their colour is the essence of the game. To be expected the game becomes increasingly difficult and demands ever more juggling to progress.
To help, the occasional power up falls from the heavens and makes the job easier for Harry to execute.

As with most games, it is much more fun when playing with or against someone else. It also distracts the players away from the impression that Harry’s Balloons does not really belong on the Amiga platform. This is more suitable for the likes of the C64 or the Amstrad CPC. Some people will love it, but then there are still plenty of people buying Rise of the Robots.
Grab a hold of the demo. Who knows, you might think it warrants a quid less than a tenner.
Steve McGill

Amiga Format, Issue 84, May 1996, p.48

Collide Design
501 International House
233 Regent Street
London W1R 8QD



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