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Laß röhren, Alter!

Harley Davidson - Road to Sturgis 

Die PC-Version von Mindscapes Easy Rider Trip durch die USA konnte kaum begeisterte Anhänger finden. Ob Amiga-Biker dem Ritt auf einer aufgemotzten Harley mehr Spaß abgewinnen können?

Harley Davidson - Road to Sturgis Der Weg ins Städtchen Sturgis ist weit, und die große Rocker-Fete findet schon in zehn Tagen statt. Aber was ein richtig harter Bursche ist, der gibt seiner Harley Davidson halt ein bißchen die Sporen! Unterwegs warten neben kessen Anhalterinnen auch fünf verschiedene Fahrwettbewerbe; das Preisgeld wird dann in Sprit, Reparaturen und kleine Imagekorrekturen investiert. Denn merke: Wer in Rockerkreisen etwas gelten will, muß neben einem aufgemotzten Feuerstuhl zumindest eine coole Sonnenbrille und eine chice Tätowierung vorweisen können! Nachdem man sich für einen von vier Schwierigkeitsgraden (je nach Haarlänge!) entschieden hat, werden noch 30 Punkte auf fünf Charakterwerte wie z.B. Fahrkönnen oder Mechanikerfähigkeiten verteilt. Dann kann es losgehen.

Die Steuerung macht in allen Modi (Maus/Stick/Tastatur) eine recht gute Figur, an die etwas umständliche Handhabung muß man sich allerding erst gewöhnen. Grafisch ist die „große Sause“ kaum berauschend, in etwa eine Sparausführung von „Test Drive“ (samt strafzettelverteilenden Polizisten). Der Sound macht hübsch brumm-brumm, die Hardrocknummer als Titelthema ist sogar richtig gelungen. Das Problem liegt ganz woanders: Trotz der diversen Features und Unterspielchen ist der Motorradausflug schlicht langweilig! Ich habe auf halber Strecke umgedreht, mir die Haare schneiden lassen und meine Harley eingemottet... (ml)

Amiga Joker, April 1990, p.85

Amiga Joker
Harley Davidson
Grafik: 64%
Sound: 55%
Handhabung: 59%
Spielidee: 56%
Dauerspaß: 38%
Preis/Leistung: 33%

Red. Urteil: 44%
Preis: ca. 79,- DM
Hersteller: Mindscape
Bezug: Leisuresoft

Spezialität: Highscores und Spielstände können auf einer Extra-Disk gesaved werden. Harddiskinstallation nur mit 1MB möglich – wenn man eine Spezial-Version beim Hersteller anfordert!

Harley Davidson - Road to Sturgis 

Mindscape, Amiga £24.99
Harley Davidson - Road to Sturgis The tiny town of Sturgis, tucked away in the Black Hills of South Dakota, may seem an odd destination for a loud, greasy Hell's Angel like yourself, but in August Sturgis becomes a Mecca for about 80,000 bikers from all over the world.

Of course there's only one way to travel there: on your sturdy Harley-Davidson (affectionately known as 'Hog'!). Though this can easily reach 100mph, high speed cops patrol the highway, issuing on-the-spot fines to offenders. The road is also littered with hazards like rocks, puddles and other traffic – too many crashes and you die. You'll also probably want to slow down to pick up a beautiful blonde hitchhiker!

Starting out as a 'Wanna- be' you'll have plenty of time to upgrade your biker rank in the many towns along the way. As well as an essential gas pump, every town has a bike shop where you can buy lots of stuff to repair and customise your bike (better engines, tyres, transmission systems etc) and upgrade your image (a variety of jackets, helmets, boots, animal pelts, sunglasses and even tattoos).

All of these cost money, earned by entering one of five types of biker event:
Slow-Ride Contest: Ride around the road cones in the slowest time possible.
Drag Race: A straight speed race against another biker.
Hill Climb: Ride up a steep hill in the fastest time possible. Go too fast and you'll tip backwards; too slow and you'll fall off.
Poker Run: The strangest card game ever invented. You compete with another biker, collecting playing cards off bikers standing at the roadside. At the finish the best poker hand wins.

Zzap! Issue 65, September 1990, p.77

Scorelord Mindscape have numerous race games heading for release, but they're all different - Harley most especially, with some sleazy adventure elements. The actual road section looks okay, but it gets a bit repetitive dodging obstacles in the road, passing cars and stopping hitchhikers. Of course, you can speed things up but it's a pity there's no chase, once the cops see you, you automatically pull over for the fine. When you hit town you can have fun customising self and bike at the shop, ogling the digitised petrol pump lady and participating in one of the events. These add variety, but suffer from PC-style graphics. The overall quest ensures the game has more lastability than most, but graphics and sub-games lack oomph for this enjoyable game to be a big hit.
N.B. Our copy glitched with a one meg Amiga, but worked fine with the upgrade removed.

Phil King Despite the roar of the bikes and the ZZ-Top style intro music, Harley Davidson isn't so heavy. It's really a light-hearted mixture of enjoyable sub-games linked by a road section which gets tedious with the long distances between towns. There are some nice touches though, like giving a girl a lift on the back of your bike and customising both your bike and your image – a pity then that these changes don't show up on the actual riding screens. Once you've tried all five events, however, there's little else to see apart from some disappointing single-screen party scenes.

Digitised screens are impressive, as is a good save/load/format option. Skill levels and an amusing, informative manual.
The race graphics are effective rather than impressive. Side graphics move well, but horizon graphics poor.
Good ZZ Top-style intro music, in-game limited to good engine noise and a couple of tunes announcing sub-games.
Mouse control soon becomes second-nature, but lack of arcade appeal limits instant addiction.
Over the long term getting to Sturgis is a formidable challenge, made more enjoyable by plenty of sub-games. Never really compulsive entertainment, but a game to come back to.
An off-beat and enjoyable race game.