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Microdeal, Amiga £19.95

Goldrunner 2 L ife’s been canny quiet since your grandfather, the original Gold Runner, defeated the evil pirate empire 50 years ago. Feet up, watch the telly, and let robots worry about keeping baddies at bay. Luvly.

One night, though (cue scary wooeeeooo sounds), those naughty pirates sneak in and pinch the robots, while they’re turned off getting recharged, carting them off to bases up in space.

So off you blast to sort those blokes out, and get the robots back to safety. Failing that, just blow them up. Easy, eh? Glad you think so!

Zzap, Issue 49, May 1989, p.82

Maff My, there’s been a lot of vertically scrolling shoot ‘em ups knocking around lately, hasn’t there? Some are really good and some are ace: Goldrunner II lies somewhere in the middle. Although there’s no real advancement over the prequel, it is fun for a while (everyone likes a good blast). Some of the graphics are a bit small, though the backdrops are nice, with interesting pictures of the Mona Lisa ‘n’ stuff. Slightly aggravating music and run-of-the-mill speech and effects keep up the aural side of things and add some atmosphere to what is basically an average blast.

Rockford: Doug Mc Clure wouldn’t stand for this!
Randy The big kafuffle about Goldrunner was the nippy vertical scrolling, so it comes as little surprise to see the same on the sequel. Actually, most of Goldrunner II is similar to its predecessor: the sprites look the same, the backdrops look the same – they’ve even used the same spaceship on the box! I did find the game enjoyable for a while, but then (as with most shoot ‘em ups), it started to get terribly samey. If you like hard blasters, or were really hung up on Goldrunner, then check this one out. Otherwise, grab a glimpse first.

Clear, colourful screen display. Informative packaging and manual. Neat pause mode and in-game hints.
Tidy backdrops and very fast vertical scrolling. Some of the sprites are a bit on the small side, though.
Average tune and effects which can be switched off. Some slightly irritating speech as well.
Great fun, if you like fast-action shooters.
16 levels of increasing difficulty but you soon realise it’s all been done before.
Not much of an advancement over the original, which has aged a bit itself.