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"Stirb, mutierter Weltraum-Abschaum!"- verständlich, daß diese Schlagzeile in der Galaktozeitung einigen Ärger beim Durchshnitts-Marsianer auslöste. Der Gemini Wing-Jäger, vollgestopft mit dem allerletzten Techno-Schrei aus Japan, ist auch längst einsatzbereit, um den bösen Worten ebensolche Taten folgen zu lassen.

Gemini wing Also nichts wie rein in den Fighter und hopp, hopp mal wieder die Erde gegen den Rest der Galaxis verteidigen. Man merkt schon, der 3759. Vertreter der Gattung „Horizontal-scrollendes Ballerspiel mit Extrawaffen“ ist da!

Technisch ist Gemini Wing durchaus gelungen: Die Amiga-Programmierer haben sich viel Mühe gegeben, alle Features der Automatenversion (Tecmo) über zu bringen – mit Erfolg! Der Bildschirm scrollt sahneweich, und schier unglaubliche Sprite-Massen huschen über den Monitor. Die Grafik ist fast ebenso farbenfroh wie beim Arcade-Original, und die zahlreichen Musikstücke entschädigen für das Fehlen umwerfender Soundeffekte. Erwähnenswert sind auch die originellen Extrawaffen (wie z.B. der „Scheibenwischer des Todes“) die man zudem beim Zwei-Spieler-Modus seinem Kollegen auch stibitzen kann – ein diebischer Spaß! Spielerisch reißt Gemini Wing allerdings keine großen Bäume aus. Die irren Extras überdecken eben nicht, daß das eigentliche Spiel meist nur mit der „Augen-zu-und-durch“ Taktik zu bestehen ist.

Resümee: Eine gelungene Automatenadaption für mehrere Spieler, für Einzelkämpfer erscheint es mir dagegen hier und da zu wirr.
(Frank Matzke)

Amiga Joker, November 1989, p.44

Der Amiga Joker meint:
"Irre Extrawaffen und ein starkes Duo-Modus machen Gemini Wing zu einem tollen Action-Doppel!"

amiga joker
Grafik: 76%
Sound: 72%
Handhabung: 69%
Motivation: 71%

Gesamt: 72%
Für Anfänger
Preis: ca 64,- dm
Hersteller: The Salves Curve/Virgin
Bezug: Computershop Gamesworld
Landsberger Str. 135 8000 München 2
Tel.: 0 89 /5 02 24 63

Spezialität: Das Game kann mit einer ausgeflippten Hintergrundstory (leider nur in Englisch), einem Zwei-Spieler-Simultanmodus und einer Continue-Option (dreimal) aufwarten.

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C64, £9.99 cass
C64, £14.99 disk

T Gemini wing abloid newspapers in the future won’t be dissimilar to the ones we have now, according to the soothsayers at Virgin Mastertronic. Aliens from a far-off galaxy have been libelled by the ‘Soon Day Spirit’. Will they sue? No – they are going to wipe out the Earth instead. Enter our last defences: the Gemini Wing.

What lies behind this strong contender for the ‘Scenario of the Year’ award is, in fact, a rather superior vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up, with many of the usual features and a few unusual ones. The now standard collect-an-icon-to-upgrade-your-weapon system is still there, but has been altered slightly to create a ‘gunball’ system. When certain aliens are killed, they leave behind an icon, with up to six or seven hanging around waiting to be collected at any one time on screen. Naturally, with so many to collect, they do not all provide a better upgraded weapon. Each icon will provide a short burst of increased weapon fire, before your ship reverts to the standard weapon.

Unfortunately, this new system does not work as well as the more traditional tooling-up system. The availability and potency of the icons seems to be a fairly random event, which means you can get a long way with one game, and absolutely nowhere the next, because there are not any icons. This proves immensely frustrating, as it has little to do with skill, and a great deal to do with luck.

Gemini wing In addition, the fire button has to be held down for about a second before the upgraded weapon fire is released, and while a second is not very long, in the middle of a shoot ‘em up it is plenty of time in which to die. Although over time you will learn to ration icons with a greater effect, it is still frustrating, and the more usual system is preferable.

As I have already mentioned, the action is incredibly fast and ferocious, with a myriad of different aliens attacking at once. Commendably, the speed of the game is maintained no matter how much is happening off screen, although the music slows a little. Sometimes there is just too much going on, with too many aliens and bullets heading your way, and the easiest way to get to the next section is to die and fly your next ship through while it is still at the usual ‘flashing invincible’ stage. I am sure that over time the player would become more adept at dodging so many aliens, but initially it is a little discouraging to die on such a regular basis. The sound is good, with a couple of nice tunes and sound effects, the graphics are blocky on occasion, and, at times, it is nigh on impossible to see what is going on.

This has, despite the power up problems, the makings of a good shoot’ em up. It is just a shame that it is that little bit too frenetic and, visually, god-awful mess.

Amiga review
Unfortunately, the Amiga version is not on a par with its eight bit buddies. Graphics are of course superior, but could have been better. Sound is weak and unmemorable, and gameplay is much slower and simpler. All in all, a fairly standard Amiga shoot ‘em up, disappointing when stood next to the 64 version. Amiga disk costs £19.99.

Sean Kelly

CU Amiga, September 1989, p.29


Gemini wing logo  Squalk!

Virgin, C64 £9.99 cassette, £14.99 disk; Amiga £19.99
Gemini wing The Soon-Day Spirit newspaper is the pinnacle of bad taste in the galaxy with its totally OTT headlines selling newspapers by the spacetruck load. Who can forget the classic 'Hitler was a Green Ninja Potato With A Custard Slice On Top' headline or the classic 'My Fiat Panda Started First Time' one liner - all unbelievable but sadly towards Earth events and current affairs.

The Soon-Day Journalists were particularly adept at avoiding the blame for their stories but it looks like they've overstepped the mark this time. With the 'Die Mutant Alien Scum' heading on the last issue they've really gone and riled up their alien readership good and proper. So much so, that yes, you've guessed it, they've gone to war. But the 'mutant alien scum' failed to notice of the Gemini Wing fighters and now they're about to regret it.

Lifting off, the fighters punch through the atmosphere destroying aliens ships in their way. Basic lasers are fine but by picking up the capsules left behind in the slimy alien wreckage the fighters can get powerful weapons like the Windscreen Wiper of Death and the Spiralling Circle of Death.

Of course, the aliens want to get in on the act and squash the Gemini Wing fighters flat. With the hordes of millipedes, spitting worms and narrow caverns as hazards they may just do it. Not only this but the big guns have been rolled out to combat the puny Earthlings - the giant walrus, firing deadly Smarties, or the rock creature with extendable eyes come out to play at level's end.

Zzap! Issue 53, September 1989, p.14

Stuart Wynne While the Amiga graphics have a kind of naive charm, and there's an impressive variety of them, a serious attempt hasn't been made to do anything like a close coin-op conversion. The resulting game is an okayish two-player shoot-'em-up. Unlike the Amiga the C64 has had a vast quantity of smoothly-scrolling blasters written for it and sadly this just doesn't stand against such stiff competition as Armalyte.

Robin Hogg Strange how the 64 version is a one-player game only (especially since the demo we saw last month had two fighters in it). Losing the two-player facility with its team spirit element is a serious disappointment, although the first few levels are playable and graphically attractive. If all you're looking for is a very playable blast, this isn't bad. On the Amiga there's the two-player mode, but the graphics are rather lacking in detail - the mother aliens are more cuddly than vicious and cruel. But like the C64 game it's all very playable, and there's some great music too.


Attractive packaging. Prolonged multiload. One player mode only is a let down.
Some neatly shaded backdrops, satisfyingly large and varied sprites.
Pleasant tunes per level but lacking powerful or varied effects.
Would have been better and more fun to get into with two player action but the instant appeal is still strong.
Seven playable levels with enough challenge and variety.

Nothing new in concept but nice to look at with some varied weapons to pick up.


Multiload before meeting the end-level alien isn't too good an idea.
Some moderately impressive mother aliens but the general graphical quality is average.
Highly atmospheric tunes throughout.
Good two player blasting action although the game isn't overly attractive to the single player.
Even with the continue play it's not an easy game.

Standard blasting fodder with a few extras to liven it up.