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Falcon 1 T he F-16 is proving a pretty popular jet for simulations these days. That is not surprising because the F-16 is probably the best dogfighter around. It is fast, highly manoeuvrable, highly equipped, and well armed. It is also flown by some of the best pilots in the world. Which is where you come in.
After EA’s groundbreaking Interceptor, Spectrum Holobyte have come up with the state of the art fighter sim for the Amiga.

It comes on two disks with a manual that reads in places like an advanced maths text book. It took me an hour just to read it and get my head round some things involved. An even cursory read is advisory, but if you load up and get stuck straight in, you will start as a 1st Lieutenant – about the same kind of level as Interceptor. You cannot crash the thing – even into mountains – and the enemy is slipped a couple of Valium to keep them docile. MiGs are soft as Andrex and SAM missile bases do not launch at you should you stray who will arm your plane for you. But load up too heavy and you will plummet out of the sky.

There are a dozen missions to undertake and these range from the Milk Run, in which you go in for a bit of target practice, to Grand Slam in which you are required to take out four MiGs.

There are many different views of your jet, but the one you should concentrate on is in the cockpit. Familiarise yourself with the HUD display and the mass of dials in front of you. Again at starter level you won’t need to worry so much, but later on everything requires your attention. You will also have to worry about adjusting your flaps and yaw/pitch. Try watching that lot when you are in a dogfight and try to toggle radar modes and set up a Sidewinder.

Falcon 1 Like Interceptor you can look at the plane from outside and by pressing 2 you will be able to pan right round the plane. Possibly my favourite pastime when I am not splashing MiGs. There is a view from the control tower and a satellite view as well. Toggling F1/F2 allows you to zoom in and out. You are also allowed to look out both sides and even out the back.

Your various missions, failures and successes are all recorded in the Sierra Hotel role of honour. It is always preceded by little snapshots of the results of your efforts. Get blow away and you will see a still of a cross and a flypast, a cock-up normally results in a court martial (you will be blogged and busted), whilst an ejection shows as being successful or otherwise and may or may not suggest rescue. One small gripe is that if you eject you do not get to see your pilot fly out of the cockpit. There is no pleasing some people.

The graphics in Falcon are fine, the opposing MiGs are particularly well detailed, and there is a good deal to see on the ground. Sound is OK, and an improvement on most flight sims by the inclusion of a ‘Bitchin’ Betty’, an audible warning that nags at you if you are in trouble. Well authentic.

Falcon is packed with depth and since this is a review and not a manual I simple do not have room to tell you just how good it is. No doubt it will be superseded by another sim soon, that is the beauty of the software scene. Until then, it is Sierra Hotel.
Mike Pattenden

CU Amiga, February 1989, p.p.24-25


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Falcon 1 CDTV Possibly one of the most famous flight sims ever released, and this complete version comes with all the missions that were originally available on separate disks. It always was a good game and is little changed for CDTV – the only use of audio CD capabilities is for 'radio contact' messages in real speech, which do add an extra layer of realism to the atmosphere.

Inevitably, in a form intended to be played from a keypad, control is simplified, which gives a more combat-game feel. It's still great fun, but is no longer the best flight sim around and has not been radically updated for CD.

Verdict: 75%

Amiga Format, Issue 39, October 1992, p.38

Falcon 1 CDTV logo  CDTV

Falcon 1 CDTV Trotz seines Alters gilt der Falke nach wie vor als eine der besten Flugsimulationen überhaupt – entsprechend Mühe hat man sich bei Mirrorsoft mit der CDTV-Version gegeben. Freilich, an die Steuerung ohne Tastatur muß man sich erst gewöhnen, aber dafür findet man hier sämtliche 36 Missionen des Originalprogramms und der zwei Zusatzdisks auf der Scheibe. Dazu gibt es ein paar brandneue filmartige Animationen, z.B. beim Pilotentraining, und man kann sich nun sogar mit dem Tower unterhalten (Sprachausgabe). Klares Urteil: ein Schmankerl!

Amiga Joker, October 1991, p.58

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