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PRICE: 24.99

European Superleague I t had to happen. Out of a wave of mediocre football titles comes a real gem in the form of European Superleague, the first sighting of sunny Doncaster based CDS in quite a while.
I have to confess, ES doesn't really offer anything new in terms of gameplay. All the usual options are included from changing the names of the teams through changing tactics (shades of Player Manager). What it does offer is a new, exciting visual angle.

Graphic rather than text-based, ES is stunning to look at. Every location is furnished with a full colour screen and with animation where necessary. Each screen is fully functional too. For example, on the main screen (your office) you can access your filing cabinet, your diary, your phone, your intercom and basically everything else you need to run a successful football club by simply clicking on the relevant item. One lovely little touch is the unique way of speeding up the clock on the days when your first appointment is at four in the evening. Included in your managerial arsenal is a large bottle of whiskey. A few swigs on this and you'll find time flying by.

From your office you can telephone other managers (to buy or sell players, or perhaps cancel matches) or the press, to make a statement, or to get a shot on the front page of a popular daily telling your story.
Training plays a vital role, far more so than in most products. Each player has varying levels of ability and stamina, and it is down to your judgement to decide how hard to push them. Do a sloppy job of it, and the Coach will question your actions. What you do and say at this point effects morale.

The game features an interactive communication system. Every time you have to speak with somebody, either on the phone or to their face, the computer will give you a series of appropriate statements, and you choose the one most applicable to what you want to say.

With three skill levels and eight teams to choose from, the game is never going to be easy, and you have enough control over things such as tactics to make the game involving and enjoyable. It doesn't matter that it's been done before. All that matters is that it's better. And it is.

Tony Dillon

CU Amiga, July 1990, p.p.30-31