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European champions logo

IDEa * 25.99

European champions The year is 1992, and there already far too many football games out there. So what has this one got over others? Well, it doesn't actually come with an instruction manual. Nope. Instead you get a rather tasteless poster.

The game is actually as crap as the poster, unfortunately, as it could have been so good. It's one of those footy games where the ball sticks to your feet, the action is interrupted by pointless animation sequences, the ball always goes out from goal kicks. The graphics are typically green...

Sonically the game is a real blaster. I got a headache. Yup, it was a bad IDEa releasing this one...
Asam 'Top Life' Ahmad

Verdict: 34%

Amiga Format, Issue 38, September 1992, p.65