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Audiogenic, Amiga 24.99

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer T he World Cup may be over but there seems no end in sight to the flood of computer footy games. Nearly two years after the release of the C64 version (90%, Issue 43) Amiga Emlyn Hughes makes its debut.

As in the original you can manage and play for any of eight international sides, picking the team from a squad of sixteen players of variable skill and fitness. One the scrolling side-view pitch, you take control of the nearest player to the ball. The player in possession has a variety of kicks (five possible angels and three elevations) at his disposal, achieved by holding down fire (for shot strength) and pushing in a direction. Tackling is achieved either by running into the ball or by pressing fire for a sliding tackle, though the latter can cause a foul.

Game options include a league, cup, one- or two-player friendlies, and two-players against the computer.

Zzap, Issue 65, September 1990, p.76

Phil King The C64 game was a classic. But almost two years later and in a crowded footy field the 16-bit version has insufficient improvements to compete with the likes of Kick Off II. What it does have, though, is all the playability of the original. The control system is a bit difficult at first but once mastered it offers great flexibility in play, allowing you to do really intricate passing. And I just love those chanting crowd FX which really help the footy atmosphere.

Scorelord Emlyn looks a little crude at first, but turns out to be surprisingly playable with a good ball control system. it's a pity there's no scanner showing you what's happening off screen, but overall it's easier to play than Kick Off and highly enjoyable. And the wealth of options should ensure it'll keep you playing for months, although I hope you don't use Phil's skin coloured uniforms for that unique 'streaker' effect.

A wealth of options including elaborate team strip designer, save/load, league and player skill levels.
Side-on view is a bit limited, but the players are adequately animated.
Very good crowd FX, authentic crowd mumble. Okay menu tune.
Very easy to get into, with intelligent ball control.
A cup and a league provide plenty of lasting challenge, although the lack of a scanner limits elaborate tactics.
A really fun soccer game.