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Deflektor Here it is at last, yonks after every other version has died. In Deflektor, you basically have to bounce a laser around the screen with the aim of getting it to hit a specific block by moving an angled mirror or two.

Graphics are fairly basic, but then again there is not a whole lot you can do with a bent line and a few other lines to represent mirrors. Sound is adequate and as a game it is still as frustrating as it always was. A straight conversion if ever I saw one.

CU Amiga, March 1989, p.60

Deflektor logo

Gremlin, Amiga £19.99

Deflektor T his is a game without a story. There are no aliens to conquer and no riches to be made. Deflektor is an out and out puzzle game.

It takes place on a grid containing a laser emitter and collector. The collector is blocked by some kind of obstacle, which is only removed once all the round Ďcellsí in the grid have been destroyed using the beam. Itís deflected by a series of rotating mirrors and sent through a series of objects (converters, refractors, etc).

Whatever you do, donít let it overload by reflecting into itself and watch out for the gremlins!

Zzap, Issue 48, April 1989, p.30

Gordo I'm the first to enjoy a good puzzle game (well, that is if Kati and Maff donít get there first) and Deflektor gives the impression that itís going to be a cracker. The graphics are very tidy indeed filling the screen with colourful sprites, but the sound could be better Ė it seems to go on and on. The game itself is easy to pick up thanks to the obvious objectives and well implemented control method, but the thing is that it stays easy. I managed to plough through too many levels too quickly. Hard luck, Gremlin, but in my view Deflektor is just that bit too boring.

Maff Here we are with another of my weaknesses Ė puzzle games. Weíve had our fair share of decent puzzles recently, what with Oops and Bombuzal. Now, after a long wait Gremlin have converted Deflektor to the Amiga. The action is fairly straightforward and easy to get into, with nicely defined and coloured graphics. The sound is OK, if a little repetitive (you canít turn it off) but the real problem is that itís just a bit too easy Ė I managed to get to level 43 on my first go. It is still a great puzzle game, though, and definitely deserves the attention of puzzle fans.

Good layout and a great control system, but little in the way of options.
Clear and concise with nicely coloured sprites and borders.
A boppy tune which very quickly becomes annoying.
Very easy to get into and compulsive for a while.
Should not take too long for experienced puzzlers to complete the game.
Not a bad puzzle game, but it shouldnít be as easy as it is.