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Starbyte/ST & Amiga 19.99
Amiga review Clown-O-Mania Jonathan: The plot: Beppo is a clown, and one day, while he's wandering around the circus, he finds a map which shows the way to a land full of valuable crystals. Ahem. Well, here's a game that reminds me of an old one called Crystal Castles or something. It's a kind of 3D Pacman but with a lot more to it.

The crystals Beppo is interested in are spread around 70 different screens. These are multi-level 3D affairs, with the levels linked by stairs, ramps and teleporters. Needless to say, the crystals are guarded by countless baddies. These generally move in fixed paths so they can be avoided with a little cunning. If you're feeling particularly inventive, you could even try dropping little pyramids in their paths. These will either divert them or wipe them all out.

Clown-O-Mania is very slickly presented, with graphics and sound being well up to scratch. Plenty of imagination seems to have gone into setting out the screens. Although you'll zip through the first few in no time, no doubt impressing any onlookers in the process, they soon toughen up.
A chart-topper it won't be, but that's about the nastiest thing I can think of to say about it, 'cos it's well good.

Zero, Issue 3, January 1990, p.99