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I Championship manager Italia talian league football enjoys an increasingly high profile now that Channel Four broadcast three shows a week, and without that coverage, it is unlikely Championship Manager Italia would have seen the light of day. How much did anyone know about the players and teams two years ago? Little more than now I’d wager.
Serie-A is the most glamorous of all European leagues and let us face it, if you are a footie fan, you would not turn down the chance to manage Internazionale or Juventus. CMI (well, I am not going to write Championship Manager Italia every two minutes) is virtually identical to Championship Manager ‘93 in format and contains detailed info about Serie-A and B teams as well as Serie-C player details.

Pasta ball to me
Everything is beautifully laid out leaving you to think about what to do with the team rather where you are supposed to click the mouse next. From career histories to individual statistics and transfer activity, CMI has everything the boss could ever need bar a sheepskin coat. The attention to detail is meticulous.

For those unfamiliar with footie management sims, the idea is to guide a squad of player through a season and beyond. You can buy and sell players, loan them, insure them, fine them, in fact, do everything Big Ron or Harry can. All the players have ratings for skills such as passing, tackling and shooting and you must get them to gel as a team.

You do not actually get to see the lads out on the park doing the business, but each team has a set of three moving bars denoting defence, midfield and attack, and a series of on-screen comments provide information on how the game is progressing. Sounds a bit naff, but it works well.

Pizza the action
Management sims are amazingly popular, with five entering the Amiga Format top 30 last month – two in the top 10. The long-lasting appeal of these games is due to their addictive qualities. You always want to play one more game.
The major benefit Championship Manager Italia boasts over CM ‘93 is that it runs a good deal faster, thus eliminating the frustrating periods of waiting around.

If you enjoy footie management or if you have more than a passing interest in Italian league football, Championship Manager Italia is excellent value.
Steve Bradley

Amiga Format, Issue 58, April 1994, p.74

Oliver Collyer
Intelek 0202 752137
Out now

Championship manager Italia is hard disk installable   Championship manager Italia needs 1 Meg to run

07 out of 10
Everything is clearly labelled and designed to cause you the minimum of fuss.

05 out of 10
What? Never the strong point of the management simulation. Let’s say five eh?

07 out of 10
Put on some Pavarotti, make a flask of coffee and prepare for a long slog into the night.

09 out of 10
Superbly laid out with heaps of tactical options, statistics, and er, "Goooooaaaall Lazio".

"This is a quality management sim at a very reasonable price. Championship Manager Italia should be kicking around the games charts for several months to come."

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Domark 0181 780 2224 * £24.99
Not previously reviewed

Championship manager Italia ‘95 "Come here, there is more," one particularly amusing, well-sporting Irish comedian might suggest when referring to Domark’s Championship Manager series, a collection of releases described by one former colleague as a never-ending cash cow.

For argument’s sake, let us be cynical for a moment. Football management games are proven sellers, persistently commandeering the upper reaches of the charts. You are in the boardroom at a software company discussing possible projects.
The choice comes down to producing what is essentially an updated version of a previously successful product or branching out, investing in something new and exciting, groundbreaking even. So, a football management it is then.
And Domark are by no means the only culprits here – and at least their ‘products’ are of a consistently high standard. We have had numerous versions of Championship Manager including upgrades, offers of free books and the like but can they seriously justify another full-priced release?

Championship Manager Italia ‘95 is an updated version of the last game (AF58 85%, £17.99), based on the first and second divisions in the Italian league. It is seven quid more and you would need to be a serious fan to buy it.
Steve Bradley


Amiga Format, Issue 71, May 1995, p.68
(Note: The game was reviewed in a re-release section, despite being a first-time release and its £25 price tag)

Aller schlechten Spiele sind drei!

Championship manager Italia ’95 logo

Kurz nach der überarbeiteten 93er Version schickt Domark nun die italienische Variante diese Fußballmanagers von anno 92 in die Arena. Und beim dritten Aufguß ist der Geschmack halt noch fader...

Championship manager Italia Das Land der Nudeln und Ferraris durfte seine Liga und das in einigen Details abweichende Regelwerk beisteuern, ansonsten blieben jedoch alle Features der Vorgänger erhalten. Dazu gehören auch die anspruchsvolle Handbuchabfrage und die zermürbende Installationsprozedur, die sich für Festplattenbesitzer ertragen läßt. Haben die maximal vier Manager bis dahin nicht die Geduld verloren, dürfen sie anschließend um den Meisterschaftstitel und die gängigen Pokale kämpfen.

Tatsächlich kämpft man sich aber meist durch einen unglaublichen Wust von mausgesteuerten Menüs, die nicht gerade besonders übersichtlich aufgebaut sind – darüber hinaus sind sie komplett englisch, wie überhaupt alles in diesem Spiel. Positiv vermerken muß man immerhin den Optionsreichtum, der zumindest den Trainern unter den Managern genügend Aktionsmöglichkeiten bietete: Unter anderem gibt es einen umfangreichen Transfermarkt, viele verschiedene Taktiken, Talentsucher, Betreuungsspersonal, zahllose Statistiken und eine detaillierte Aufgabenverteilung für die einzelnen Kicker.

Doch selbst wenn die bescheidenen Hintergrundgrafiken anwáhlbar sind und das Spieltempo gegenüber dem "Championship Manager ’93" um etwa 40 Prozent gesteigert wurde – ein altbackenes Progi mit dem äußeren Charme einer Datenbank auf dem C64, das noch dazu auf wirtschaftliche Elemente (Stadionausbau, Werbung, etc.) weitgehend verzichtet, hat im WM-Jahr eigentlich nichts am Digi-Rasen verloren, oder?

Amiga Joker, February 1994, p.42

Amiga Joker
1 MB

Championship manager Italia ’95 logo
Price: £24.99   Publisher: Domark   0181 780 2222

Championship manager Italia ’95 T he Italian first division, Serie A, is widely regarded as the most concentrated collection of footballing talent the world has to offer. The stakes are high, and the rewards for winners are enormous. However, if you are the man in charge when your team is on the losing end of things, it can all go pear-shaped before you even get a chance to sob into your spaghetti. Championship Manager Italia ‘95 puts you in charge of a team from Series A or B, with the aim of getting them to the top of the league.

Once you have endured the lengthy initialisation sequence, you can decide which team you want to manage. With 37 Serie A and B Teams to choose from, you are spoiled for choice. Next comes squad selection which takes time as it is near impossible to remember all the different requirements of each player, and you have to flick back and forth between several different pages of team info.

After picking your team and starting the season, you have a couple of weeks to make transfers. This is far more awkward than it needs to be. Instead of giving you a list of all available players and letting you take your pick, it demands you specify the exact abilities of the kind of player you are after. More often than not, there is no one who exactly fits the bill, so you get the replay "No players available". You then have to go through the whole procedure again, with different statistics.

The fun starts once you get to play some football. You do not get to see the action, but a screen keeps you informed of the score in text form. It is immensely satisfying and strangely addictive. The results update and transfer news goes on a bit, breaking up the flow.

In between the delays and long-winded selection screens, Championship Manager Italia ‘95 is a very engrossing management sim. Anyone who does not mind nipping off to make a cuppa every ten minutes would do well to take a look.

CU Amiga, May 1995, p.56