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Challenge Golf I f you have a pair of checked trousers and an equally loud shirt, then tee off with Challenge Golf. The game takes you to the four corners of the globe to play in four megabuck tournaments, battling to sink that little white ball on grass which looks alike a green carpet.

Between one and four players can compete in Challenge Golf. It's best to start with the driving range, which is a 10-ball practice session. If you're a quick learner, though, you'll soon be skilled enough to put yourself down as a pro. Otherwise, be honest and own up to being a rank amateur or a novice.

Hitting the ball smoothly and correctly takes time with meters informing you of power and curve. The indicator on the curve meter enables you to hook the ball to the left of slice the ball to the right. You know if you've hit a perfect drive by the satisfying thwack when you clobber the ball. Then you can sit back and watch it fly upwards and onwards. Upon reaching the green, patience is the answer to sinking the ball while the line of your putt can be adjusted by clicking on the left and right arrow icons.

The practice option lets you whack merrily away at a mountain of balls while tweaking your driving skills. However, once out on the fairway the game lacks the excitement of a real-life tournament and the feel of match play. The graphics are functional rather than flash-harry, but fail to instill a sense of 'being there'.
Fiona Keating

CU Amiga, August 1991, p.108

ON-LINE 24.95
New golf sim which proves a bit hit-and-miss...