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Simulataneous two player action is just about this game’s only strong point. The screen is split into two as you are forced into co-operation to negotiate your way around 22 levels of blaster-tron infested nastiness. The gameplay is fast, but this is nothing more than a future shock version of the most tired, old, arcade adventure type game. To give it credit – it is well drawn and easy to play and there is a nice little system of icons to improve just about every capability you have. Despite what you might have read elsewhere, however, this is nothing special.

CU Amiga, March 1989, p.60

Captain Fizz logo

Psyclapse, Amiga £14.99

Captain Fizz S urprises don´t come much more extreme than the one you´ve just had. The other day you were trotting into hospital ready for your tonsil operation. Dead easy you thought. Just a couple of days with a sore throat. It came as a bit of a shock to wake up in a new body on a different planet.
Since you’re trapped, you decide you might as well sigh up with the Queen’s Cloned Highlanders troopers.

Your first mission involves you fighting your way through the multi-level enemy base, alone or with your partner (you need tow players if you want to win), to destroy the master computer. Pass codes and switch systems, open doorways and operate lifts.
By the way, the mission is said to be impossible. Nice thought, eh?

Zzap, Issue 48, April 1989, p.30

Kati I reckon that a puzzle game should rely on devious and mind-boggling situations that require plenty of thought. Unfortunately, Captain Fizz lacks the necessary depth to keep you occupied, trying to rely on blasting action to make up for the simplicity of the puzzles. This would not be so bad if the blasting was fast and frenetic, but it isn’t – it’s just slow. It does get quite involved the more you get into it, but I can see a lot of players getting fed up long before then – especially when you really have to play it in pairs.

Maff The intro piece to Captain Fizz is brilliant, with a very well drawn title screen backed with some amazing music. Unfortunately, the game fails to live up to the standard of the loader. The graphics are very weak, consisting of a few meagre sprites moving through boring mazes. I would not mind if the gameplay made up for the weak presentation, but it does not. It is dull. The shoot ’em up bits are not exciting enough and the puzzles are not mind taxing. I have come to expect more from Psyclapse than this.

Rockford: Let’s get fizzical!
Great intro sequence but poor in-game appearance with long messages that you can’t speed up.
Small and poorly animated sprites; repetitive backdrops.
Amazing loading tune but poor in-game effects.
Pretty boring from the word go.
Not enough to keep even the most ardent puzzlers and blasters occupied.
A sub-standard search game from a company that has given us much better.