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Bun for Barney The narration by ex-Doctor Who Tom Baker and the lovely watercolour-like graphics in this interactive children’s storybook are the icing on a very taste cake. The while idea of interactive multimedia seems to suite children’s explorative minds incredibly well.

The idea is that the pointer can be moved around the screen and when it comes to something exciting, it flashes. A click on the button triggers off something almost magical as far as children are concerned – an animation or effect, such as crazed bunnies frolicking about like good ‘uns.

Children can proceed through the storybook at their own pace, pausing to click on words on the screen so that they are read out loud. This adds an educational element which is backed up by the plot. The net result is a delightful disc, the only drawback of which is its expense.
Neil Jackson

Verdict: 79%

Amiga Format, Issue 39, October 1992, p.49