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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Bill S. Preston and Ted (Theodore) Logan, high school party animals and self-confessed cool dudes are destined for great things. Namely, founding a religion and being idolised by future generations because of their most 'bodacious' Californian interpretation of both the English language and Heavy Metal music. However, this will never happen if they flunk high school. This looks very likely until Rufus, a messenger from the future, sent to save mankind appears giving them the chance to get an A+ grade by doing a 'most excellent' history presentation. This involves bringing dead dudes like Socrates and Freud back from the past to present day San Dimas, to relate their own real life histories!

Equipped with a totally out of this world telephone booth, Bill and Ted have to dial historic dates and travel back to twelve different points in time to pick up the requisite number of dead dudes. This is either six or twelve, depending on the difficulty level. Some dudes, like Napoleon will follow as soon as they are found, others need to be given appropriate objects, such as a fire extinguisher for Joan of Arc, before they will enter the Time Booth. These objects can be collected on various levels and stored for later use. Only two 'historical heavies' can be carried in the phone booth at any one time so you must return to San Dimas regularly to deposit them in the local shopping mail for safe keeping.

The graphics are colourful but poorly drawn except for some digitised screens from the movie. The duo are only represented as one inseparable sprite and, although the various historical characters are funny, there arenít very many. The best thing about the game is its use of sampled sound taken directly from the movie. If you get something right the guys exclaim, 'EXCELLENT' and if you get it wrong, 'BOGUS'.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is fatally let down by a lack of depth both in the overall game design and on each level. It took me just seven minutes to complete level one the first time I played it, and level four ('the most difficult') doesn't require much practice to get right either. My advice is to spend a quid on renting the video first, then if you think it's the 'most excellent' comedy you've seen recently, and don't mind spending £24.99 on a game that only takes an hour or two to finish, I can recommend this most 'bodacious' piece of software.
Alan Dykes

CU Amiga, August 1991, p.95

SURF'S UP DUDES! Two guys travelling back in time to locale famous historical personalities may sound like a bad plot from the T.V. show Time Tunnel, but only the terminally uncool and those who haven't yet seen the cult American comedy could possibly hold such an opinion. Bill And Tedís Excellent Adventure is a tongue in-cheek adolescent romp through time with two mind-blowing high school dudes from San Dimas, California. These guys use loads of adjectives like 'most bodacious' and 'bogus, dudes' so be warned, if you don't like Sunny State surfing slang donít read this review or, more importantly, DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE!

Too easy to complete, for real fans only...