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Beverly Hills Cop logo

Tynesoft, Amiga 24.99
Beverly Hills Cop Axel Foley is back in action, this time on the Amiga with a heavily rewritten script, instead of a car chase, BHC starts off with a horizontally-scrolling warehouse shoot-out (the C64's level two).

The next level has Axel chasing the three vans in his Mercedes sports car. This is represented in full, Hard Drivin'-style 3-D. Shoot three vans and a survivor leads you to the grounds of the villains' mansion (level three). A pseudo-isometric 3-D view shows Axel blasting his way through the garden maze.

The final level has a first-perspective of the mansion's dull, 3-D interior. Axel must rescue the hostages, shoot the guards, and find Mr Big.

Zzap, Issue 59, March 1990, p.74

Robin Hogg Amiga BHC has some appalling main character animation (the garden scene is unbelievably basic). Sound effects aren't all that hot either. The Hard Drivin'-style scene is a good idea but the car drives like a brick and is amazingly slow when it hits the grass. This scene is the best of the game but even this fails in its execution, summing up the whole game in the process.

Stuart Wynne The Hard Drivin' level is much improved over the C64's vertically scrolling version, but gameplay sadly fails to match up to the graphics. Level one has a nice parallax scroll, but simply walking right and shooting the baddies is too limited you can't even jump. The two other levels lack this graphic sheen, and more importantly the simple playability needed to succeeded.

Interlevel screens, three difficulty levels, and ability to jump to next level.
Fairly impressive racing sequence, but other levels are dull.
Reasonable gunshot FX. Disappointing intro tune.
Level one is poor for an 8-bit game, level two frustrating, and later levels worse.
Ability to play all the levels diminishes urge to play.
Promising ideas are spoilt by poor implementation.