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W Back sides o-hay, whhoooor, loads of nudey piccys, and all I have to do, thanks to Emotional Pictures, is win a game of Othello. They are the same people who were responsible for the similarly cross Cover Girl Strip Poker (AF36 – 19 per cent). What will they think of next? Nudey Monopoly? Get Yer Baps Out Cribbage?

The object of the game is the same as Othello: you have to get more of your coloured pieces on the board when it is full than those of your opponent’s. What is different about this game is each of your pieces is actually a section of a picture of a scantily clad young bimbo. I assumed that this being an all tits and bums game it would have no brain power to it at all. But Back Sides can play a mean game of Othello, and to keep the challenge going, as you get better so does the computer. Not that it needs to, getting past the second level is tough enough. The pictures (your reward) are badly digitised, so even if they do take their knickers off there is not much to see to get excited about. Anyway, a little something is always better left to imagination.

For titilation Back Sides is a waste of cash, and I am not just being a girly prude, you are better off with a copy of Playboy. As for being a decent Othello game, I have seen better ones in the Public Domain, no porn, but value for money. If you are very good, one day I might show you mine – my Othello board that is!
Clur Hodgson

Amiga Format, Issue 51, October 1993, p.79

The standard version comes on four disks, but there is an AGA version that needs five disks to run the same program. OK so the pictures are a little clearer, but they do not really make the most of the 1200’s graphical capabilities. And with five disks you would expect a bit of animation.
Back sides
Emotional Pictures
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Back sides is hard disk installable