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Digital Integration, Amiga 24.99
ATF 2 The original ATF came out almost three years ago, earning a mere 60% in issue 37, but in making the translation to the Amiga so many improvements have been made, DI have labelled it a sequel.

The eponymous ATF, or Advanced Tactical Fighter, is shown from behind. A sprite firing over a solid 3-D landscape with sprites for enemy aircraft and 3-D for ground targets.

There are eight warzones to choose from, from the UK to the entire world. Once selected, a briefing before the flight details the balance of power in tanks, aircraft, etc and the known position of two or three targets. It's up to you to scout for more enemies during the mission and take them out, returning to base to re-arm afterwards. The ATF also comes with an ejector seat, moving map and missile jammers.

Zzap! Issue 69 February 1991, p.92

Stuart Wynne The old ATF did well on the Speccy, combining fast graphics with a modicum of strategy and sim details, but it's hardly a 25 product. The 3-D is unimpressive with minimal variety, while good presentation and a plethora of sim touches such as vectored thrust for tight turns look nice but add little to gameplay.

Robin Hogg ATF II is sadly lacking variety. After completing it on skill level one relatively quickly, the absence of new features on higher skill levels put me off playing it again. The idea of reconnaissance first, followed by selected strikes after is a good one but enemy behaviour is simplistic, and tackling MiG's soon becomes repetitive. Good rock track, though.

Quite good with 8 skill levels and warzones, save-to-disk high score table, demo and briefing screens.
Fast 3-D, but targets are mediocre. MiGs are nicely detailed but lack variety.
Decent rock track intro, good stall/missile warning effects and a good engine tone.
At first it's fun to take out the MiGs and dodge missiles but on higher skill levels death is quick and new game ideas scarce.
One basic mission but played over different backdrops doesn't offer a lot.
A dated cross between a sim and a shoot-'em up that doesn't quite off due to limited gameplay.