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Back:'Cool! Wot a Logo!' Front:'You would say that! You can't see it! Nose: 'Jam'
Advanced Ski Simulator logo

Codemasters Gold, Amiga £19.99

Advanced Ski Simulator Anybody feeling a little put out because of the recent lack of snow? Well, fret no longer because, thanks to those chilly chappies at Codemasters, you can do a Fergie and slope off on the Piste whenever you wish, in the guise of Advanced Ski Simulator.
Viewed in three dimensions, this gem gives you the chance to compete against either the computer or a friend in a frozen frenzy down one of seven snow-lined ski slopes. It's release has been timed for the start of the new ski season, so don your thick, tastelessly coloured polar jacket, jump on the ski-lift and wipe-out…

Zzap! Issue 48, April 1989, p.26

Gordo Heard the one about the latest Codemasters Gold Amiga game? Someone bought it! Ha ha ha ha!!! Seriously, though, Advanced Ski is an exceptionally poor piece of software, made out as the best thing since Mother's Pride loaves by the completely OTT self-congratulation on the box. I mean, £19.99 for what is basically a souped up 8-bit budget game with a bit of sampled sound – come off it, guys! Only think about purchasing Advanced Ski if you're really into verbal insults.

Maff After reading the prose on the box, I thought to myself 'Hey! This sounds really good!' Then I loaded it up. What a disaster! Apart from the fairly good graphics, which still aren't a patch on most games, there's absolutely no difference between this and the £2.99 8-bit budget version. The digitised sounds are crackly, and don't add to the feel at all; even worse is the fact that the skier disappears off the screen if he gets too far behind, making it almost impossible to get back on because of all the different jumps. I've saved my biggest gripe with Advanced Ski till last: the price. Twenty quid for software of this quality is daylight robbery.

Sickeningly self-congratulatory packaging. Awkward controls, seven different course. Two player option.
Not surprisingly, mostly white. Disjointed figures float around while the scrolling carries on without them.
Pathetic, crackly digitised effects.
May appeal if you were planning on going to the Alps this year.
Go anyway.
Budget software with a high price tag.