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ADI Junior reading logo  6/7  CU Amiga Screen Star

EUROPRESS £25.99 TEL: 0625 859333

Mark Patterson goes back to school with a pair of releases from Europress.

ADI Junior reading 6/7 The advanced version of the other Junior Reading package utilises the same format as the 4/5 version with the addition of a few new elements.
Where the other acts as a primer, each letter sounds and shapes, this one goes much further. Now the user is required to learn more complicated letter sounds and read and spell more complicated words.

For the most part this version is almost identical to its younger brother and they even share the same manual. The games take on an almost identical format, although the questions are much tougher. This means that if your child genius speeds through that package they won’t feel out of place using this one.
All the extras are still there, including Paint Pot which is an easy-to-use art package. The amount of tools available depends on the level the application is set to, initially there is only a few line tools, eraser and a box icon to choose from. Cut and paste tools, a symmetry feature and a fill tool can be added.

Again, the package goes into great detail while being easy to use and providing a liberal smattering of games to keep minds with otherwise short attention spans interested. Despite its ease-of-use, it is essential to keep an adult on hand to help out with the trickier puzzles and the disk swapping between programs as the disk labelling could prove a little confusing for younger children.

Equally as good as the 4/5 version, it is unmatched in its field. The variety of problems to solve and the various games and extra programs make this package extremely absorbing.
Parents need not to worry about being shown up either when it comes to using the machine as there is an extremely useful on-line help system. The perfect way to prepare kids for first year education.


CU Amiga, July 1993, p.106