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T Llamatron  one of the games in the Addiction compilation hey've been fairly quiet for the last couple of years, but now The Software Business are back with a vengeance, starting with Addiction, a collection of 25 games that show Amiga gamers exactly where their favourite games came from, and tracing the evolution and growth of computer games from Pong through to Frontier. All the games on here have been seen on the public domain market before, but I have to admit, it was quite entertaining and thought provoking to sit down with these faithful re-creations of the games that made the games industry.

All the games you would expect to see are here on Addiction, from Space Invaders to Pacman, taking in Breakout, Tetris, Berzerk, Missile Command, Battleships, Centipede and a superb version of Defender. If you can't spot some of your favourites in here, I'd be very surprised indeed.

Of course, 26 for games that are essentially free may seem a lot to most people, but that is before I mention the luscious 48-page manual that gives you the entire history of games, along with details of how these games have shaped the world. For the first time, you can read full instructions to many of these games and leave the booklet happy in the knowledge that you at least understand why games like Pacman were so addictive, even if they pale a little in comparison to something like Dynablaster.

Like any collection of games, you are going to get some duff titles. Games like Fruit Salad and Monaco might as well have been left off, and I would have liked to have seen a faithful conversion of Battlezone, but you can't have everything. Games like Missile Command and Jeff Minter's exceptional Berzerk inspired Llamatron are well worth getting hold of, and if you don't have most of these games already in your collection, then this is a package well worth investing in.
Tony Dillon


CU Amiga, March 1994, p.83