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HEWSON £19.99 * Joystick

5th gear More car-driving antics, this time in a viewed-from-above job from Hewson. You are taking part in a series of illegal races during which you have to race up the screen, avoiding the boulders and ditches that crop up as you drive along, in order to reach a sign that says ‘Turn Here’. Then you have to turn around and drive back along the course – all within a time limit.

There are also enemy cars to avoid or destroy with your front firing gun. For every kill and race completed you earn yourself money which you can spend in the shops found along the way, on such goodies as missiles, turbo boosts and even helium tyres that will allow you to jump further.

Graphics are basic, sound is awful and gameplay is not much better. It is not difficult to play but control is frustrating and the task is dull, so you will have to be dedicated to play to the end. 5TH Gear? It just gets out of neutral...
Andy Smith

Amiga Format, Issue 08, March 1990, p.46