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1000 miglia Intent on programming a racing game, there must be lots of exciting modern events to choose from. So it begs the question, why on earth have Simulmondo chosen a cross-country race featuring the lumbering land wagons of the late 1920s? Yes folks! Now you too can jump into your three-litre Alfa Romeo Super Sport and trundle leisurely across 1,000 miles of sparsely detailed Italian countryside. Whoopee.

True, it's all very neat, with digitised piccies from that era, period typefaces and a reasonable 3D view. But the cars handle like whales and every time you go over a particularly brittle twig, you stop for repairs.

Once you've pottered between a few cities I doubt you'll be bothered to complete the whole Millemiglia. Somehow I don't think Formula One has much to worry about just yet.
Steve Jarratt

Verdict: 51%

Amiga Format, Issue 37, August 1992, p.64